Album Review: Cannibal Corpse – A Skeletal Domain

CannibalCorpse-ASkeletalDomain-300x300I have been sitting here trying to think of an approach to review Cannibal Corpse’s new album, A Skeletal Domain, their 13th studio album since 1990.  I mean when you take a band that churns out speedy riffs and ruthless death metal album after album, what words can I use to describe the brutal consistency of the band?  I guess if there is one thing Cannibal Corpse has going for themselves is their stability with their lineup; it’s been the same since 2005.  As much as apprentice members can breathe new life into a band, having the same members for a long period can allow a band to grow together and become a leader in their genre; the example to emulate.  This is where Cannibal Corpse stands out among their peers.

So, how does one describe how this level of death metal is different from their last album, Torture (2012)?  Well, that would be like arguing my Atheism is better than yours.  It’s a pointless discussion.  Besides, South Park already made that episode.  A Skeletal Domain is tight and as steadily fierce as all the albums before it, but better like aged wine.  How much better?  First, they surely aren’t trying to dumb things down.  It wouldn’t be death metal if they did that.  Well, it might be death metal, but a different kind of death metal.  Second, through the proficient use of more blast beats and ripping guitar solos; the level of intensity ceases it does not.  This is a dark-ass album!  The lyrical content is focused on gore and violence and let’s not forget zombies.  Gotta have the zombies!  A death metal staple.

From the moment High Velocity Impact doused us with splattered bodies (insert visuals here) and intense tempos, the album rarely lets up.  There are some moments like during Headlong Carnage and Hallowed Bodies where things turn to a more headbanging rhythm, but it doesn’t last.  Kill or Become starts off as if it is going to be focused on groove, but quickly turns to blast beats and tight riffs.  Icepick lobotomy wins the album’s award for coolest song title.  And, Asphyxiate to Resuscitate has a few segments that make me want to throw a chair or something.  Good thing I can restrain myself from causing property damage because if the need arises to chuck a lamp or something this would be the song to do it to.

At this point in their career you can surely expect an album like this from Cannibal Corpse.  Anything less just wouldn’t be what the band stands for.  This is what they do, but what makes it good is that they continue to improve as a band by being tight, consistent, and finding ways to articulate blood, violence, and gore.  In terms of what Cannibal Corpse has become; like I said before, they are the genre’s example.  They are consistent, uncompromising, tight, and just keep getting better.

Release Date:  16 Sep 2014

Record Label:  Metal Blade

Location:  Buffalo, NY, USA

Video disclaimer:  Lots of blood, but I am pretty sure it’s fake.  With death metal, you never know.  Fire up the chainsaw!

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