Song of the Week: Brutai – Relapse

BrutaiTo date, Brutai have only one EP, the self-titled “Brutai” released last year. Since forming in 2008, however, the band has caught the attention and won hearty approval from the cognoscenti in melodic, modern and djent progressive metal… and most deservedly so, in my Mammalian opinion.

This coming weekend Brutai will be playing on the main stage at Euroblast in Cologne. They’ll be playing to the die-hard fans of big names including TesseracT, Sikth and Animals As Leaders. Based on their previous live performances and the audience reception, they’ll add to the acclaim they’ve already won.

Brutai have timed the released of a lyric video to coincide with Euroblast. “Relapse” will be on their forthcoming album. This song is tasty enough to make me want that album.

The current line-up is Felix Lawrie on vocals and guitars, Henry Ryan on guitars, Michael Crouchman on bass, and new members Alex Lorimer (keys and backing vocals) and Mathieu Bauer (drums). You can follow the band on Facebook. “Relapse” is available as a free download at Freelease and Bandcamp. You can also get the “Brutai” EP from Bandcamp.



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