Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 2006 / #12 – #10

MetalCatTwo modern variations of heavy metal appear on my list today. The added richness of more complex compositions and instrumentation doesn’t always appeal to “mainstream” heavy metal fans. Regardless, the old heavy metal roots are strongly evident. In my ancient, creaking mind, there’s still not much that can beat that chunka-chunka guitar sound, the powerful riffs, the soaring solos and those high tenor vocals.



2006, #12: Benedictum – Heaven and Hell

Album: Uncreation
Country: USA
Genre: Progressive Heavy Metal


2006, #11: Queensrÿche – The Hands

Album: Operation: Mindcrime II
Country: USA
Genre: Progressive Metal


2006, #10: Fairyland – Eldanie Uelle

Album: The Fall of an Empire
Country: France
Genre: Symphonic Heavy Metal


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