Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 2005 / #6 – #4

MetalCatFrom my selections today it looks like I’m doing a hit parade of Swedish metal. Do you Swedes appreciate how much the metal world owes to your country? You do? Good. Send each of us a Volvo, thanks.

Maybe I should rearrange my sets of annual hit parades and do three American bands in a row. Then we’ll each get an apple pie. Dark Metal Cat wants his with huge dollops of cream.


2005, #6: Arch Enemy – Carry the Cross

Album: Doomsday Machine
Country: Sweden
Genre: Melodic Death Metal


2005, #5: Opeth – Ghost of Perdition

Album: Ghost Reveries
Country: Sweden
Genre: Progressive Death Metal


2005, #4: Scar Symmetry – The Eleventh Sphere

Album: Symmetric in Design
Country: Sweden
Genre: Progressive Death Metal



About ChristopherMammal

I've made it to Mammal. I still hope to be classified as Human one day. Meanwhile I have evolved enough to recognise different types of music as well as the shrieks of certain vervet monkeys who are known for their scurrilous behaviour in the proximity of unguarded bananas.

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  1. Ha, I always thought ‘Carry The Cross’ got overlooked by everyone I know. Sure, in comparison to songs like ‘Nemesis’ or ‘My Apocalypse’ it doesn’t stand out that much, but I liked the song right from the beginning and ‘Doomsday Machine’ is a record I still listen to quite often.

  2. ChristopherMammal

    To be honest, SirM, many of my selections are somewhat arbitrary because I love every song on the albums from which they came. That’s the beauty of the “other” music you like, and so do we — no album can rely on one or two hit singles to become a success.

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