Album Review: Witches of Doom – Obey

downloadAlbum:  Obey

Genre:  Hard Rock, Stoner, Goth

Songs:  9

Length:  46 Minutes

Albums:  This is their debut album

Release:  April 2014

From:  Italy

Label:  Sliptrick Records

FFO:  Type O Negative, Paradise Lost, The Cult, Sisters of Mercy, Moonspell, and a stoner band of your choice.

Witches of Doom is one of the latest stoner-styled bands to present itself to the rock/metal world.  With similarities to the above mentioned bands (which are not stoner bands), they combine a slightly southern (US) vibe with the darkly melodic charm of doom metal.  And, they do it in such fashion that it works quite well.  In fact, during the song Rotten to the Core lead vocalist Danilo “Groova” Piludu has very much a likeness to the late Peter Steele.

There is no overemphasis on either of the stoner/doom/goth sides of their music. There is an even, subtle mix that allows their songs to be straightforward and easy to get into as a whole.  But, as the album progresses, the individuality between the songs manifests.  There are piano infused doom ballads (It’s My Heart and Crown of Thorns), heavier on the stoner side (The Betrayal), and those more in the middle (Needless Needles and to the Bone).

Witches of Doom incorporates their styles into a seamless blend that is entertaining, but not too focused on one particular element.  Their songs and variances between them flow well and keep the album interesting.


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