Album Review: With Our Arms To The Sun – A Far Away Wonder

image-21Album:  A Far Away Wonder

Genre:  Cinematic / Expressive / Progressive / Moody / Atmospheric / A Pinch of Desert Rock / Experimental

Songs:  8

Length:  47 Minutes

Label:  Independent

Release Date:  23 Sep 2014

Albums:  This is their 3rd studio album.

Location:  Arizona, US

For fans of:  Isis, Palms 

It’s not too often I find an album that is moody and instrumental with some atmospheric elements that I thoroughly enjoy.  Most of the time there is too much of one thing that overrides the beauty of the other.  With our Arms to the Sun has a knack for using all these fine features in moderation.  Interestingly, they incorporated a film composer (Jonathan Levi Shanes) to work synth on the album which does, in fact, give some of the songs a cinematic feel.  One of the more popular movies Shanes worked on is Killer Elite.  You can see his IMDB profile here.

Where Silence Dwells starts the album off with a somber arrangement.  By the end of the song the mood shifts into a slightly desert rock feel, incorporating a rhythmic drum beat and an elevated guitar presence.  From that point on the songs display a level of emotional enchantment based on more instrumentation than lyrical content.  When vocals do make their way into songs, they are mostly clean and soft, but can get deathly when songs hit a little harder (Great Black Divide).

Walking Through Walls is another song on the upbeat side of the tempo range.  The more progressive elements dominate here though it does slow to a crawl briefly highlighting the vocalist’s ability to carry the song on his own for a bit.

Despite the direction each song seems to take in the beginning, you can rest assured that it will alter its course at some point before it ends; sometimes more than once.  The composition is tight and with the vocal presence being limited, attention is focused more on the music and the resulting mood.  As mentioned before, With Our Arms To The Sun embodies multiple genre styles into a blended experiment of their own and pull it off in distinctive fashion; one that is not overdone, underdone, but just right.


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  1. Good stuff!

  2. This sounds really neat, and that video is out-fucking-standing. I’ve watched it like 3 times in a row now. It reminds me of that Heavy Metal movie with an extra helping of hallucinogenics.

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