Roundtable Review: Slab City by Steak

DAX112XT.pdfAlbum: Slab City

Label: Napalm Records

Release Date: Sept. 5th, 2014

Songs: 10

Length: 48:07

Genre: Desert Rock

Studio Albums: Disastronaught (2012), Corned Beef Colossus E.P. (2013)

Location: London, U.K.

WarpRider – If naming a band after meat, Steak is certainly better than calling themselves Chicken or Pork. It’ slow, thick, and low-tuned desert rock with chunky riffs dripping with ooze; hence, Steak is an appropriate and fitting band name. Though not something I will dive into regularly, I found the album enjoyable and groovy. I imagine they would be a cool live band to check out as long as there is plenty of beer flowing at the bar. 3.0

RiffRaff – Steak sure a band that wears its influences proudly on their sleeve.  Many times throughout the record I had to check to see if a Kyuss or Hawkwind record hadn’t booted up instead of Slab City.  I don’t mean that in a negative, I freaking love Kyuss and dig on Hawkwind well enough, so a band that can reproduce the quality desert rock sound of those bands is an always welcome library addition in my book.  The songs on Slab City are fun, catchy, and groovin’.  Filled with fuzz and shag carpeting, this is the type of album you pop on when you jump into that ’78 Econoline van with the eagle and wizard airbrushed on the side to go cruisin’ out on some open desert roads with some good ‘buds’.  The tracks ‘Coma’, ‘Pisser’, ‘Rising’, and ‘Roadhead’ were real standout tracks for me.  So, if you are a fan of the mighty Kyuss or Hawkwind, you should not hesitate to check this record out. 4.0

Irmelinis – Plain old heavily distorted stoner rock. No salad or cheese, no crispy fries, just a thick, good Steak that serves its purpose, no extras. To me this sounds like an album you’d find in your dust-filled collection of vinyls from the 80’s. Which is something I’ll never own. 2.0

ChristopherMammal – Desert rock – a variant of stoner rock – dominates the album. That figures. It was reason enough for my eagerness to get listening. The first track charmed me so much that I fell for this band very quickly. That first song, “Coma”, would have worked equally well on a classic space rock album by Hawkwind or the early space rock albums of Porcupine Tree. The psychedelic slant is evident throughout the album. The song titles don’t shy away from that, with tracks named “Roadhead” and “Quaaludes and Interludes”. Overall, the music is vibrant, pulsating and bloody good fun. 3.8


A Metal State of Mind Score – 3.2 out of 5

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