(Retro) Roundtable Review: Suicidal Tendencies – How Will I Laugh Tomorrow…When I Can’t Even Smile Today

Suicidal_Tendencies-How_Will_I_Laugh_TomorrowLabel:  Sony Music Entertainment

Release Date:  1 Sep 1988

Songs:   11

Length:  51 Minutes

Genre:  Thrash/Punk/Skater

Studio Albums:   12 studio albums.  This one is their 3rd.

Location:  United States

WarpRider – This is a must-have for any Suicidal Tendencies fan or someone looking to get into the band.  I have rarely been moved by the lyrical content of a metal album, but in 1988 at the ripe age of 15-16, these lyrics hit home at that most confusing teenage time.  What most people thought was a band for suicide was completely the opposite.  Because of their name I think they caught a bad rap, but in the end those that were in the know, knew what it was all about…me included.  The video featured here is an emotional gem of a song and some of the other stand outs for me were the instrumental Surf and Slam and also If I Don’t Wake Up, One Too Many Times, and Trip at the Brain.  This album made my top 100 album list at #13.  Click here for that article.  

RiffRaff – Ahhhh, some good ol’ ST.  The band where I would hide the cassette tapes under my bed lest my mom found them, didn’t get what they were all about, take them away from me, and forbid me from listening to ‘such depressive and evil music’.  Ya, this band and album hold a special place in my heart.  Filled with action packed riffs and beats, sick solos, and a really unique vocal deliver I listened to my ST records nearly as much as my Iron Maiden and Pantera albums during my awkward teenage years.  And man, even more than being great music, lyrically ST and How Will I Laugh… really spoke to my emotional, hormonal train wreck of a rebellious suburban teenage mind.  Going back to this record after some years is nice and it holds up quite well even though I’m a different person now and the lyrics don’t resonate as strong.  Trip at the Brain, Pledge Your Allegiance, and Surf and Slam are ST classics that shouldn’t be missed by any thrasher and the rest of the record is damn nifty too.  If you’ve never dug into ST before and want to hear some really groundbreaking metal, How Will I Laugh is a damn fine starting point.

Irmelinis – There are some slight punk influences on this record that I enjoy, most likely explained by the fact that Suicidal Tendencies used to play hardcore punk on their first two releases, other than that I can’t find much that stands out. The songs are pretty solid with infectious (and boring) riffs and a vocalist with a smooth, powerful voice and I can understand why this is an album held in high regard among thrash fans. Unfortunately this style of metal just doesn’t resonate with me, so I will try their earlier albums instead.

ChristopherMammal – Here’s a perfect example of why I’ve been having such fun doing my year-by-year hit parade on Metal State. Old-style, intensely musical and irresistibly bounce-inducing thrash from the 1980s is as enjoyable now as it was then – to an old codger like me, exceptionally so. Suicidal Tendencies was one of the American bands that showed the world that Britain didn’t have the monopoly on the new wave of metal and its sibling, thrash, in that memorable decade for metal. Younger thrash fans may find the style on this album is quaintly dated for their ears compared with modern thrash, but that shouldn’t deter any of you from giving bands like this one a solid listen. You too may find it becomes addictive. Now excuse me, my office cat and I have to do some moshing.

A Metal State of Mind Score – N/A 


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