Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 2003 / #6 – #4

MetalCatMy goodness, today we have a head-to-head between Angela Gossow, my favourite female growler, and Simone Simons, my favourite metal soprano. That’s just how the sorting worked out.

Black Label Society and Ozzy bring the temperature back down to normal in my office.



2003, #6: Arch Enemy – We Will Rise

Album: Anthems of Rebellion
Country: Sweden
Genre: Melodic Death Metal


2003, #5: Epica – Cry for the Moon

Album: The Phantom Agony
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Symphonic Metal


2003, #4: Black Label Society with Ozzy Osbourne – Still Born

Album: The Blessed Hellride
Country: USA
Genre: Stoner Metal


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  1. Still don’t need Epica:-) With Black Label Society I have always the impression Zack’s songs could be just a bit better if he would put a bit more effort in the writing instead of – as it feels – collect some (really) good ideas and put out a record every year. “We Will Rise” is just a lesson how you write a (genre) hit. Actually it’s the second song after “Nemesis” that I ever heard by the band – and I just know that til now because it stuck so long in my head back then:-)

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