Machinae Supremacy – Phantom Shadow

MachinaeSupremacy-PhantomShadowLabel:  Spinefarm Records

Release Date:  25 Aug 2014 Rest of the World

Songs:   16

Length:  67 Minutes

Genre:  Videogame Inspired Metal (SID Metal)

Studio Albums:   This is their sixth studio album

Location:  Sweden

WarpRider – I am not well versed in Machinae Supremacy.  I did happen to catch them open a show one time for Children of Bodom and thought their melodies were cool, but for some reason never caught the fact that their music is largely videogame inspired.  And, as a gamer I find this intriguing.  After a close listen to their latest album, I find it fun and not as cheesy as it could have been.  Hearing some old sound clips from the early days of gaming left a nice nostalgic shill on my spine.  Besides that, the music is melodic, easy to get into, and rocks.  Cool album!  I need to hear more of these guys.  4.0 

RiffRaff – As the resident gaming nerd of Metal State and probably one of the 9 other people in the world that openly listens to chip-tune OSTs (especially of the old-school 8/16 bit varieties) hearing that Machinae Supremacy was video game themed piqued my interest (and since the other big ‘video game metal’ release this year was great (Streets of Rage by Centiment), expectations were heightened.)  Armed with a mega buster of power metal, obscure and popular game references, and a keyboard full of chip tune sounds, this record really captured ❤ .  Achieving a great balance of cheese and power, I had a damn fun time with the record from front to back.  Sure, the vocals could have been a tad more powerful and the songwriting was a bit redundant at a couple of points during the album, but overall, it didn’t bother me in the slightest because, like video games, it’s just fun.  The song “The Second One” is one of the most punchy and fun tunes I’ve heard this year.  GET Phantom Shadow! 4.25

Irmelinis – These songs make me smile. Big smile. I’m surprised, this band is from my country, been doing their thing for over 14 years already, and I’ve never heard of them before! I’m all for mixing game soundtracks with metal and love the addition of bleepy electronic noises in heavy music. I take great pleasure in finding out the game references in the songs (my favourite album of the year is Centiment’s Street of Rage, also dedicated to games) and on this album it’s paired with some solid and infectious power metal. Perfect and lots of fun! 4.0

ChristopherMammal – I haven’t played computer games since the Baldur’s Gate series that started in the late 1990s spoiled every other computer or video game for me forever. I don’t watch the TV shows that Machinae Supremacy have saluted on their earlier albums. Thus I have no emotional attachment to their music. Taken on its own without appreciating what inspired it, “Phantom Shadow” is a pleasant enough album. It sounds like a mish-mash of a power metal opera, Jon Bon Jovi and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. 2.8

A Metal State of Mind Score – 3.8 out of 5 


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