Retro album review: The Sins Of Thy Beloved – Lake of Sorrow (1998)

The Sins OTB CoverLabel: Napalm Records

Release Date: 1998

Songs: 7

Length: 55 minutes

Genre: Gothic Doom Metal

Studio Albums: Perpetual Desolation (2000)

Location: Norway




WarpRider – This is a first listen for me. It’s a pleasant dose of doom if I am taking a nap in a coffin in a dark and dingy windowless basement surrounded by the melting wax of candles and ash of incense. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing; there is a mood for every album. Though I prefer thrash and death and the melodic brutality therein, The Sins of Thy Beloved is a band that targets a specific audience; one I am not generally a part of. Overall, they do their job well for their genre market.

RiffRaff – I’m pretty sure by now everyone knows my stance on Gothic Soprano Faux-Opera Metal. I hate it. Stuff like Nightwish makes me want to jab Nickelback-coated railroad spikes in my ears. But what if the nauseating goat bleating was mixed in with some doom riffs and death growls? Well, I’m all for whatever can be done to make the genre appealing to me. And that’s what The Sins of Thy Beloved do, and unfortunately when the soprano vocals kick in, no amount of doom or death can cover up the fact I want to re-enact the Jim Jones cult’s crowning moment. I also don’t care much for death growls paired with slower tempos, just sounds odd to me. If anything, when it’s just vocal-less music playing, things are pretty enjoyable. Great even. Shame.

Irmelinis – I used to listen to this album frequently when I was younger. Together with Theatre of Tragedy this band became quite popular after releasing “Lake Of Sorrow “, at least in my corner of the world. The “beauty and the beast”- style of Norwegian symphonic metal has always interested me and even if my taste in metal has moved away from it now, I still enjoy it every now and then. Especially if there are violins, which The Sins Of Thy Beloved has an abundance of. The violins combined with Anita’s ethereal voice make the songs sound extremely sad and beautiful and are nicely contrasted with dark, rhythmic guitars and deep Goth-growls. Unfortunately the slower, doomier pace is pretty much the same throughout the whole album and the lyrics are horrible; I wish they had written them in Norwegian instead. But it’s easy to ignore. In the end, “Lake of Sorrow” is still a beautiful piece of Goth-folk-doom that holds up well.

ChristopherMammal – What a great pity it was that The Sins Of Thy Beloved disliked touring so much that they gave up playing after their second album. “Perpetual Desolation” was a perfect follow-up to the debut “Lake of Sorrow”. There have been periodic, sporadic rumours that the band might reunite or that vocalist Anita Auglend might do a solo album. However, nothing has come of this chit-chat and 14 years later it probably wouldn’t be the wisest thing to relaunch the band. To me they were one of the outstanding bands that emerged from the explosion of female-fronted Gothic and symphonic metal bands in the 1990s. With my lifelong love of classical music I should be drawn more to symphonic metal with its classical and operatic influences. More and more, though, I find myself being pulled towards symphonic metal’s close cousin, Gothic, which draws from Gothic rock and doom metal. This can only mean that bands like Sins have brought out the dark and somber side of my nature. I didn’t know I had one; maybe that’s why albums like “Lake of Sorrow” make me feel so happy.



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  1. The name of the band, the tag Gothic so I just knew them by name so far. But I have to say I like it. Sounds heavy and honestly melancholic instead this “pretended” melancholy. But still I don’t need female vocals, especially if they are this weak.

  2. ChristopherMammal

    SirMullich, I wonder what you’ll think of #6 in my 21-year hit parade post today.

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