Roundtable album review: Aeon Zen – Ephemera

Aeon Zen CoverLabel: Nightmare Records

Release Date: 1 September 2014

Songs: 9

Length: 42 minutes

Genre: Progressive Metal

Studio Albums: 3 full-length + 1 EP

Location: UK




WarpRider – “Ephemera” is an interesting mix of styles mostly revolving around a progressive base. The transitions can be a little spotty and abrupt, but overall it’s a nice mix with some stylistic guitar solos that make this guy happy. Their style often reminds me of Periphery, Queen, and Dream Theater rolled up into one. 3.0


RiffRaff – Pretty neat-o prog metal album. It has its moments of genius, but is often held back by lack of focus and gets a little to hectic and cluttered a bit too often for my tastes. I did however really dig the variety of styles and approaches throughout the record. They remind me of an early BtBaM, where you can hear the potential just waiting on the cusp, but not just there yet. These guys have the potential, just need a bit more honing in songwriting and execution. Otherwise a very worthwhile listen if you can get past some of the jarring bits. 3.0


Irmelinis – This album has quite a lot of moments that I really like, but as a whole it doesn’t do it for me. It’s happy, creative and relaxed, as well as intense and thunderous. The vocals sound too thin most of the time, I enjoy them most during the calm sections. “Unite” is a great tune, with a memorable chorus and a techy-industrial vibe, but unfortunately that is also the only track I feel like listening to again. 2.5


ChristopherMammal – I greatly enjoyed Aeon Zen’s “Enigma” two years ago and I’m loving “Ephemera” even more. It’s the type of prog metal that puts heavy emphasis on the prog. Be assured, though, Aeon Zen doesn’t neglect the metal content. I suspect this album may find a narrower band of prog metal fans than the more classic rock-based metal of bands like Dream Theater or the more djent and alternative metal flavours of music by TesseracT, for example. This album is more likely to draw in the prog metal fans of Devin Townsend, Leprous or Haken. The musicianship of the band is supreme, the vocals are perfectly suited to the somewhat avant-prog sound, the individual tracks are rich and varied, and the futuristic theme of this concept album is imaginative and well-executed. It’s going to rank high up in my albums of 2014. Some may argue that the album is a little short at only 42 minutes. I’d counter that quality beats quantity every time. 4.5

A Metal State of Mind Score – 3.3 out of 5



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