Roundtable Review: Thantifaxath – Sacred White Noise

unnamed-2Label: Dark Descent Records

Release Date:  April 15th, 2014

Tracks:  6

Length: 44 minutes

Genre:  Unconventional, mysterious, anonymous black metal

Studio Albums: Thantifaxath EP 2011

Location:  possibly from Toronto, Canada


WarpRider – Atmospheric black metal is one genre that has eluded my (pleasurable) taste buds forever. I can certainly hear the appeal Thantifaxath will have with fans of this genre. In addition to the tried and true black metal formula, they have a bit of a progressive touch. Not bad, but not for me. 2.5


RiffRaff – On the first track Thantoshadowfax really grabbed my attention with some proggy guitar work and tortured black metal screams. Then, unfortunately the rest of the songs failed to live up to that proggy goodness. Thankyoufortheaxes are great at creating some creepy, sinister atmospheres, but lack that extra punch that the first track provided. I may be being a tad hard on these guys, but I think with some refinement, more variety, and a bit less tr00 kvlt sound Meetmeinhalifax could be something special. 2.5



Irmelinis – The first thing to catch my attention about this band was their name, it looks cool and takes a little extra effort to learn to spell and pronounce. The next thing I noticed was how anonymous these three human beings (?) seem to be. No interviews, no official facebook page, they play in hooded black cloaks at shows and in promo pictures, you can’t even find the names of the band members in the album notes. Mysterious, much like their style of music.

I love this album. From the second the nervous noise in the beginning of “The Bright White Nothing at the End of The Tunnel” reaches my ears , to the increasingly disturbing, ice-cold winds and abrupt ending in “Lost In Static Between Worlds”; Thantifaxath holds me fettered in their unconventional and frightening universe. They feed me waves of vicious riffs and brutal noise, alternating the uncomfortably cold atmosphere with wonderful guitar melodies and eerie screams of sadness. It’s beautifully produced and performed with great technical skill and intense emotion. The music often reminds me of early Opeth; expansive and dynamic with a slight progressive edge and death metal heaviness. A highly captivating listen. 4.5


ChristopherMammal – Thantifaxath goes beyond atmospheric. Their music probes deeply into the arcane world of avant-garde black metal. It slammed me with the same sort of impact I experienced last year when Mord’A’Stigmata bowled me over. I’m fairly certain the mainline black metal people are going to ask, “What the fuck is this?” My answer would be that Thantifaxath have dissected black metal and reconstructed it in a much darker and more sinister laboratory than the one Dr. Frankenstein used. I pronounce the experiment a total success. This is a mighty album, truly music for the weird and the disturbed. It’s also great listening for thoroughly normal people like me. 4.0


A Metal State of Mind Score – 3,3 out of 5 

Our ratings are done on a scale of 1-5 with a 1 being an abysmal album, a 2.5 being a halfway point (an O.K. album), and a 5 being outstanding.



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