Tales from Bandcamp: Corned Beef Colossus by Steak

a3233518088_10Things that are great about being a vegetarian:

  • Overall healthier lifestyle
  • More excuses to eat lots of beans and avocados
  • You enjoy The Black Metal Vegan Chef even more and actually make the recipes
  • You’re not obliged to take part in this bacon cult/fad
  • Not having to kill cute, little animals

Things that suck about being a vegetarian:

  • Feeling guilty for totally inhaling these A-1 slathered meaty riffs and grooves with reckless abandon


Hailing from the U.K. the appropriately named Steak deliver Kyuss-ian riffs and fuzz packed with attitude and a smattering of Worcestershire.  Their second E.P. is a quick little appetizer to what is sure to be a beefy debut album (which will be released in Sept. through Napalm Records, be on the lookout for some words about that one.  Also check out their new video from that record below as well).  If you happen to be in the mood for nice bluesy stoner rock, do yourself a goodun’ and click that play button.  As always, if you dig on what you hear, be a chap and toss the artists a few bucks and grab a copy of the record for yourself.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!

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Just takin' it easy for all you sinners.

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