Roundtable Review: Vacant Face by Take Over and Destroy

PromoImageAlbum: Take Over and Destroy – Vacant Face

Label: Comfort Point

Release Date: August 19th, 2014

Songs: 11

Length: 47 minutes

Genre: Death ‘n Roll/Sludge

Studio Albums: Endless Night (2013), Rotten Tide (2011)

Location: AZ, USA

WarpRider – An interesting mix of styles blended into a doomy, sludgy, blackened, occult concoction. At times there is a cool groove going on while at other times, things are just downright heavy. I like the trashy parts best. Overall, not a bad job at all of combining several elements into something darkly fresh. 3.0

RiffRaff – The best way I can describe TOaD’s new record is it’s a bit like Japan’s Sigh, just a bit less bat-shit crazy, which is still pretty bat-shit crazy.  Lots of different styles of metal going on throughout this record with a heavy focus on death ‘n roll and sludge.  The album is well paced and there are tons of fun bits to keep that engagement level nice and high.  The production is quite nice as well, as it has a nice dirty feel to it yet clean enough to let everything shine.  All round fun record that is well worth looking into. 4.0

Irmelinis – A strange mix of blackened thrash and occult death ‘n roll with Gothic undertones. The melodic, sludgy music lacks a bit when it comes to natural flow, but it has plenty of melancholy and a good dose of power. Pretty nice. 2.5

ChristopherMammal – On their Facebook page, the band describe themselves as “an American rock & roll band from the 1970s trapped inside a Scandinavian metal band from the 1990s.” That’s a neat summing up of their sound, which is richly melodic black metal with good kicks from the rhythm section. Some of the leads riffs are mesmerizing. This album is like theatrical Borknagar. I believe it could become addictive. 4.0


A Metal State of Mind Score – 3.37 out of 5



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