Tales from Bandcamp: Severance by Darkest Era

a3304813980_10One thing I love about metal music is the seemingly infinite things that can be done within the genre.  From Eco-Terrorist Dulcimer Black Metal to Transcendental Progressive Whale Metal, you think of it, you can do it.  Metal is boundless and there’s no restrictions on what can be done.  I fucking love it.  And I also love digging around through our promos, Bandcamp, and suggestions from you guys and friends to find the next unique thing going on in the genre.  However, sometimes I like to take a step back from the strange and unusual going on and give a listen to something more conventional.  In my wake of being utterly obsessed with ‘nature metal’ (Agalloch, Saor, Panopticon) the past few months (and well into the future) I decided to seek out something traditional.  And that’s when I came across this little gem on Bandcamp.

Playing big and powerful traditional metal with a hint of Celtic and NWOBHM influence, Darkest Era flat-out slay.  Huge choruses, soaring solos, galloping rhythms, all that stuff you want from a traditional metal release.  They’re not reinventing the wheel nor blazing trails, just simply creating straight-up awesome metal to throw your fist up to the sky and bang your head to.  Each track is tight and packed with fun and engaging moments as well as stellar performances by each member.  Particularly I enjoyed the vocals as they have a nice American Power Metal feel to them (none of that Mickey Mouse on helium stuff going on here, lol.  Just kidding, y’all know I like my super-cheese Euro Power Metal 😉 ).  They’re super manly and I think my barren man-chest grew a few hairs and my beard got a few millimeters thicker.  And for how traditional the style is, I’ll be damned if this isn’t one of the freshest traditional metal releases I’ve heard in some time.

If you’re in the mood for some simply great metal give Darkest Era’s latest release, Severance, a spin or 10.  As always, if you like what you hear do the right thing and toss the band some beer money and grab a download of the record.  Let me know what you thought of Darkest Era below and share with your metal minded friends.  Enjoy!!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!


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