(Retro) Roundtable Review: Cradle of Filth – Midian

large2191Label:  The End Records

Release Date:  14 Nov 2000

Songs:   11

Length:  59 Minutes

Genre:  Extreme / Gothic / Symphonic / Black / Metal

Studio Albums:   They have 11 studio albums (including the 2014 remaster), Midian is their 4th.

Location:  United Kingdom

WarpRider – There are a lot of varying opinions out there about Cradle of Filth, but for me Midian opened a door into more extreme metal.  It was probably the symphonic ambiance and Sarah Jezebel Deva’s vocals that softened things up a bit that appealed to me.  Midian seemed to have everything from the most extreme metal I was listening to at the time to the most subtle.  Combined with Dani Filth’s screaming, growling, screeching, scratchy, vocals it was a lot to absorb.  From that moment, Cradle of Filth became a long-standing member of my music library.  I went backwards and picked up their first three releases and then most other releases after that…at least the studio albums.  Though I wouldn’t say I am a die-hard fan, I like to see them live when I can and I follow their continuing progress as a band, I often return to Midian for a dose of everything dark they embody. 

RiffRaff – When it comes to Cradle of Filth, for me, they are the ultimate hit or miss band.  Most of the time, they miss in my book, mainly due to this ‘try-hard’ feeling I get from their music, they just don’t feel genuine.  However, they do have a handful of albums that do feel quite genuine and superfluous (in a good way) packed to the brim in cheese.  Midian is one of those records.  Relentless, ridiculous, and catchy as fuck, what more could you ask for?  Even if you haven’t taken to CoF before but still haven’t heard this record, I’d recommend giving Midian a shot.  Just don’t go in expecting something super serious and you should have a corker of a time.

Irmelinis – I have many memories to this one. Mainly from when I was a teenager and thinking that listen to Cradle Of Filth, that’s the most evil of all evil things you can do. My first piece of band merch was a “Cruelty And The Beast”-hoodie that I had to hide in my closet from my Christian parents and it was only worn on special occasions when I wanted to feel a little bit extra rebellious and satanic. Good old times. Cradle of Filth showed me the way into black and extreme metal, they also gave me lots of artistic inspiration for my paintings. While I haven’t cared for their newer releases, I still frequently enjoy their older CDs from “Damnation And A Day” and backwards, with “Midian” being a big favourite. I love Dani’s ghoul-like shrieks, the beautiful melodies, the outfits, poetic lyrics and the horror-themed, theatrical feeling in their songs. My most played Cradle tracks are “Tearing The Veil From Grace” and “Her Ghost In The Fog”.

ChristopherMammal – Cradle of Filth pops up a few times in the very personal 21-year hit parade I’m running on A Metal State Of Mind. That obviously means the band has released various albums each containing one of my top ten songs of the year. My enjoyment of Cradle of Filth goes way beyond a mere top ten song list, though. It’s difficult to choose a best track from their albums because they’ve done so many good songs. Midian is no different; the entire album is sheer listening joy. I wasn’t easily able to get into old-school black metal, but CoF opened my equivalent of a mind by thrilling me with their melodic, symphonic, orchestral enrichments of the baseline genre. If a year-2000 fetishist came and stole my albums, Midian is one I’d have to steal from someone else. 


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