Roundtable Review: SepticFlesh – Titan

Septicflesh-Titan-01Label:  Prosthetic Records

Release Date:  23 Jun 2014

Songs:   15

Length:  72 Minutes

Genre:  Symphonic Death/Black Metal

Studio Albums:   This is their 9th studio album

Location:  Greece

WarpRider – They are relatively new band in my humble existence despite their lengthy career. I am not sure which rock I may have been hiding under, but it’s never too late to get into a band.  Without making obvious comparisons to their humble beginnings; I simply cannot do that with my limited knowledge of the band, Titan is a heavy dose of symphony intertwined with highly brutal elements giving the music a much darker appeal than your standard death metal acts.  What is it about adding a symphonic elements that makes the music sound so evil?  The harsh vocals are indeed hellish further emphasizing the music’s ambiance. What makes SepticFlesh standout from other bands, in my opinion, is that they incorporate all of their styles on equal fronts with no significant overdose of death metal or symphonic presence.  The production is excellent too and probably one of the first things you’ll notice right away.  Personally, I thought the best part of the deluxe edition were the five bonus orchestral tracks.  For a long time fan of the band you will have to draw your conclusions, but for those that enjoy this level of brutality with a symphony I recommend Titan to you.  If you enjoy Fleshgod Apocalypse, this is right up your alley.  4 

RiffRaff – What makes Septic Flesh stand out from their contemporaries?  IMO, it is how they use an orchestra not to be the forefront of their music, but to the already excellent metal base, which in turn makes the immediacy and punch of their songs give a much deeper impact.  Not once did this album come across superfluous like many orchestral/symphonic metal albums do, but every moment just felt natural.  During my listening, I had to peek out my window to double-check that there wasn’t an epic Medieval battle going on outside my flat.

Titan is a shattering album and on par with Septic Flesh’s highest point (imo), 2011’s The Great Mass.  The record is relentless, but give you just enough breathing room to appreciate the intricacies and nuances contained within (holy hell, that percussion on The Order of Dracul).  The production on this is also outstanding as the symphonic elements really do sound as if there is an orchestra playing in your living room instead of some schtump with a keyboard and effects pedal.  Highly recommended. 4.75

Irmelinis – SepticFlesh is a band I’ve been following from a distance but never took the time to explore. It might be a good thing in this case, as it makes everything on this album sound fresh to me. This is not simply death metal with Prague Philharmonic orchestra. It’s a destroyer. A Titan, as the album title suggests.  A destroyer of fortified stone walls, a catapult that strikes down with crushing force. To listen to this album is like riding one of the enormous Oliphaunts in Lord of The Rings and watching how they shatter everything in their way while you’re feeling safe in the saddle, enjoying the wild, brutal ride and the spectacular view. Ram the doors! Show no mercy! It’s sinister and creepy, but also empowering and beautiful. It’s definitely worth getting the deluxe edition with the orchestral bonus tracks at the end, they add a great dramatic atmosphere to the full album experience. Highly recommended. 4.0

ChristopherMammal – Holy gods. No, I needed to ask someone even more knowledgeable, so I consulted my friend Bharti the Trans-Dimensional Bunny, inventor of the Universe, all known gods, and carrots: “O fluffy, hoppy one, how does one tear one’s self away from such splendour to engage in trivial activities such as eating?”

“One does not,” he replied. “This is why I created creation, to make a place to store such perfection”

If Titan isn’t in my top five albums of the year, I’ll have developed full-blown Alzheimer’s by then. If a software house doesn’t buy the rights to the orchestral tracks on the deluxe edition, gamers will be missing out on the fantasy soundtrack of the year. I wish I could tell you exactly how good Titan is, but my mouth is too small to shape such enormous words. 5.0

A Metal State of Mind Score – 4.4 out of 5 


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