Album Review & Interview: Bloodhunter – Bloodhunter

coverLabel:  Suspiria Records

Release Date:  6 May 2014

Songs:  11

Length:  45 Minutes

Genre:  Death / Extreme Metal

Studio Albums:  This is their debut album

Location:  Spain

If you are looking for a dose of the hard stuff, look no further than Bloodhunter, whose guttural vocals behind the throat of Diva Satanica will make your ears bleed…in a good way.  Their debut album, released in May 2014, is a fierce dose of death metal on the more extreme side.  Blast beats – yes, quick riffs – check, all around viciousness – of course.  The First Insurrection opens with a sound clip from the movie The Shining which is one of the best parts of the movie where “Jack” breaks open the door with an ax trying to kill his wife.  It’s a cool start to an album laced with violent melodies. The rest of the instrumental track sets the album up nicely as its speed intensifies and the blast beat kicks in. 

I have to say, the female guttural vocals fooled me at first before I saw a picture of the band.  Not that guttural female vocals between men and women are all that different, but Diva Satanica is pretty intense and she seems to growl a bit lower than some of her peers. The Bloody Throne is an excellent opening track (after the instrumental).  It doesn’t rely on sheer speed, but it’s riff heavy and has nice headbanging cadences and a melodic guitar solo embedded nearer to the end of the song. Then things start to speed up from there and rarely let up for the rest of the album.

As much as I appreciate the raw nature of death metal, it does tend to walk a fine line and without straying far from its core sound.  Bloodhunter alleviates some of that by changing tempos a little bit and bouncing back between death metal with a groove-oriented style to the more extreme blast beat driven tempos.  Thus, Bloodhunter pretty much stays brutal all the time while being able to mix up rhythms and keep it fresh.  And, they didn’t forget guitar solos.  That’s kind of important to me, but not always necessary.

Overall, a solid debut album.  Though Bloodhunter relies on the extreme, they aren’t afraid to take things down a notch, but still refrain from compromising their brutal formula.  The self-titled track that wraps the album is a good example where it’s heavy as hell without blast beats and instead relies on double bass and speed.  It will be interesting to follow this band and see how they evolve.  For now, it’s all ass-kicking metal to the nth degree.

Band Interview


3540362880_photoFirst, I would like to take the time to thank Bloodhunter for answering a few of our questions.  Listening to the album was a blissful experience in death metal.  We hope to see these guys (and gal) hit the road and swing by your areas as soon as they can.

From the band’s creation in 2008 until the final production of Bloodhunter in 2012, do you feel the original idea of the band is intact or has it evolved through lineup changes?

Everything has changed as time passed by. We have evolved as musicians. Our technique and our sound is very different from the beginnings but our main goal is the same: we’d like to spread the word about our music as far as we can.

What are some of the band member’s influences?

As is usual in a band, our influences vary a lot per person. We like very different styles including Death/doom, Black, Death, Heavy, Prog metal/rock plus a lot of pop and pop-punk; some of our faves are Machine Head, Dimmu Borgir, Carcass, SepticFlesh, Adagio, Behemoth…

What are your tour plans now and for the rest of 2014?

Our main purpose for 2014 is to play live wherever we can. We have some scheduled dates to play in Spain and Portugal and we’ll try to play across Europe in 2015.

I like Guinness myself, but what are your favorite beers?

Some of us are big fans of Czech beer, specially Pilsner Urquell and České Budějovice. Other favorites are Portuguese Super Bock, French Desperados and of course, our local beer in Galicia, Estrella Galicia.

If you had a chance to tour with a band of choice who would it be?

We could tell you a lot of bands who we would like to tour with: Moonspell, Behemoth, Nightrage, Cradle of Filth, SepticFlesh, Children of Bodom, Adagio…

What do your parents and/or close family members think of the music you play?

Our families are proud we’re doing what we love. They can’t force themselves to like the music, but they support us.

What made you decide to use sound clips from two awesome movies like Pulp Fiction and The Shining?

We think that it suited the songs well. We were looking for a background sound during the introduction riff of “The First Insurrection” and that The Shining scene was a good point of entry to the album. “Ezequiel” has its name because of the message that Jules recites in Pulp Fiction. It’s a fictional quote from the Bible. He tries to find its sense at the end of the film. It’s not a matter of religion, just a matter of points of view.

There is only one rule for the movie sound clips: It has to be a violent scene.

I know it’s early, but are you already spinning ideas for the next album?

Yes, we have some ideas and riffs for the next album. We are going to work hard on it soon.



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