Album Review: Judas Priest – Redeemer of Souls

Judas-Priest-Redeemer-of-SoulsRecord Label: Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Release Date: 8 July 2014

Songs:  18 (on deluxe edition)

Length: 84 minutes (deluxe edition)

Style:  It’s Judas Priest

Albums:  Seventeen

Nationality:  United Kingdom

For fans of: Metal

What is there to say about such a storied band?  Formed in the sixties and still kicking it Judas Priest style.  They sound great, that’s for sure.  I have read a few things about how “heavy” this album would be, but personally it just sounds like Judas Priest.  There are some moments heavier than others, but nothing that supersedes the high-octane of Freewheel Burning, Ram It Down, or Painkiller.  The lack of those types of songs doesn’t make Redeemer of Souls any less satisfying.  In fact, the album is quite satisfying and highly representative of what you would expect from the band.  It’s all around heavy, rhythmic, and energetic.

For comparison to their classics, think of songs like Hell Patrol, Metal Gods, and The Sentinel; cool songs that are too heavy to be considered Hard Rock, but you might still hear them on the radio.  There is still a classic appeal to the new music, but it all sounds very fresh.  Embedded throughout the album is tight riffing and solos between Tipton and Faulkner.  Scott Travis’ drumming prowess hasn’t dwindled and Halford’s voice is holding up remarkably well minus many of the high pitch screams such as the one you heard at the beginning of Ram It Down.  That’s okay, we all age, but as far as Redeemer of Souls goes, it seems as if they took a dip in the fountain of youth.

Some of the songs that stood out to me for various reasons were Halls of Valhalla (nice and heavy); Sword of Damocles (excellent drums); March of the Damned (rhythm); and Metalizer (speed).  Overall, Redeemer of Souls is a solid Judas Priest release.  Eighteen songs on the deluxe edition is a serious dose of classic, but fresh metal from veterans that spawned so many other bands.

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  1. ChristopherMammal

    You wrote my opinion of Redeemer of Souls for me. Thanks! If anyone asks why i like this album and would happily play it all day, I’ll refer them to your review.

    • Great minds think alike 🙂 Hey, since you have been into them since way, WAAAAAAY back, it’s cool they still make music you like to hear. \m/

  2. I haven’t got it yet, but will. I love this band and highly enjoyed listening to their entire discography on the Boy Set they released. I actually wouldn’t be so critical of ‘Nostradamus” as some others were, but I’m glad to here that they returned to a heavier sound.

    • Listening to it now and liking it so far. Definitely some vintage guitar work, which was missing (to me) in the last few releases. Halford’s voice isn’t as strong as it used to be, but that’s expected with his age. At least he can still sing, unlike many of his peers at this point in their careers.

      Armand Rosamilia

      • True, his vocals are largely intact still while others that hit their 50s and older have lost a lot. Glad you like it.

    • I saw them on the Nostradamus tour, but never got around to getting that album. Would you recommend it? Thank you for checking out the review, I hope you like the album when you get it. By now, you should be able to probably sample all of it somewhere online.

      • I saw them on this tour as well (with Testament and Megadeth as awesome openers). I think Nostradamus is an overall good record, also no song stands out. I like Rob’s vocal performance but the production sounds a bit cheap. It’s a bit like the newer records of most of the Metal veteran bands: If you are able to not compare them with their untouchable classics they newer records aren’t that bad as the sometimes are reviewed.
        PS: Also it’s a very hard choice: Screaming For Vengeance is my favorite Priest album.

  3. “Style: It’s Judas Priest”

    Agreed! That was something I really enjoyed about it. My own review’s going up in a couple days but I think we drew many of the same conclusions. I certainly picked out some of the same songs as you as particularly good. I also compared to the same songs as you — Sentinel, Hell Patrol, etc. Great minds think alike?!

    • I often wonder if readers feel the same as I do about some music. You just validated that; I am glad you like the album. Thank you.

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