Roundtable Album Review: Johnny Touch – Inner City Wolves

Johnny_Touch_coverLabel: Shadow Kingdom Records

Release Date: 19 August, 2014

Songs: 8

Length: 38 minutes

Genre: Heavy Metal

Studio Albums: This is their debut album

Location: Australia




WarpRider – I appreciate the rawness of the music. It reminds me of that awesome decade known as the ’80s. If you haven’t lived it, you haven’t lived. Johnny Touch provides a cool dose of nostalgia; reminiscent of classic Maiden or Priest, maybe even some Dokken from their very early years. Inner City Wolves will provide old dudes like me about 38 minutes to think about the old days and how seemingly simple things were back then. It’s a very straightforward album.  3.0


Irmelinis – Music for insomniacs. Not recommended to anyone except the elderly. 1.0


ChristopherMammal – Johnny Touch is big in Australia, we hear, and now is about to reach out to the world. It’s easy to hear why. Inner City Wolves is one more example of why old-school heavy metal is still so vibrant and healthy. It has a solid global fan base, and not just among the granddads. There’s nothing specially distinctive about the music, but there’s also nothing on the album that isn’t enjoyable. There certainly is an excellent variety in the mood, pace and melody as you play through the album. I’d like to go to a Johnny Touch concert. It would really rawk. 3.3


A Metal State of Mind Score – 2.5 out of 5


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