Roundtable Review: Mother Of Millions – Human

album coverLabel: Turkey Vulture Records

Release Date:  February 25th, 2014

Songs:  10 tracks, 40 minutes

Genre:  Progressive metal

Studio Albums: Mother Of Millions EP 2011, this is their debut full length

Location:  Athens, Greece

For fans of: Pain of Salvation, Evergrey, Symphony X, Orphaned Land



WarpRider – I didn’t exactly warm up to this album right away. After a few listens, I appreciate the depth they bring to the table. There are a lot of powerful elements that come together nicely, but in the end it doesn’t personally grab me. Though, I can’t say that their music is bad because it isn’t; it’s just not for me. They string together very harmonious choruses and remind me a bit of Sevendust. 3.0


Atleastimhousebroken – As someone who likes a bit of crud tossed into their metal, this record didn’t really cut it for me. While well performed, nothing grabbed me about this Human. In fact, it didn’t really sound very human at all; too surgical, too sterile. Even the harsh vocals have a very dirt-free sound to them. I would have liked to hear these guys dare
to be a bit more adventurous and take their songs into some off-road territory, but everything feels played very close to the chest. If you like your metal squeaky clean (aka. Alt Metal) , you may dig this one, if not, maybe a pass. 1.5


momIrmelinis – I expected a modern prog metal record and got one that sounds like it’s straight from the ’90s! What a surprise! Think Evergrey, Vintersorg, Symphony X and early Pain of Salvation, all exceptionally good bands, and you might get the picture. Full of raw retro-atmosphere, emotion and dark, almost doomy sounding arrangements, powerful thrashy guitars and playful bass lines. It’s quite straightforward and accessible, always with strong progressive structures and a solid rhythm section. The vocalist really stands out, he has some serious power in his lungs and the melodies are gorgeous. The three connected tracks in the middle of the album, “Evolving-Evolved-Fire”, quickly became favourites of mine. “Human” is actually a very fitting title, everything on this record feels very human and real. It’s entirely too short at only 40 minutes, but it’s a must listen for prog metal fans. 4.5


ChristopherMammal – Magnificent. Overwhelming. To me, certainly. Also, I’m sure, to anyone who loves the melancholy prog metal of Riverside, the melodic prog of Symphony X, the best of the heavier djenty bands and the harder of the heavy neo-prog by Frost*, Blind Ego and Galahad. The Mediterranean flavour that Greek bands stir into their music should also pull in fans of Middle Eastern metal bands such as Orphaned Land. I’ll go further and say there’s a lot here for alt metal fans as well. In short, this album should have broad appeal across the proggy spectrum. The riffs are thunderous, the vocals are lusty and powerful, the compositions are original and varied. The track “Fire” nicely sums up what the band is all about. This is on my list for Albums of the Year. 4.5

A Metal State of Mind Score – 3.4






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  1. The song offers some nice ideas and a good voice but it also sounds somehow uneven and the basic riff isn’t far from exciting.

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