Roundtable Review: Adaptation by Noctooa

a0233950795_10Label: Pesanta Urfolk

Release Date: 15 May 2014

Songs: 10

Length: 51 minutes

Genre: Dark Neoclassical Folk

Studio Albums: This is their debut album

Location: USA

WarpRider – The vocal style took me a minute (maybe more) to get used to. It complements the songs nicely and works more like storytelling with a musical backdrop. Strangely, the opening track reminds me a bit of Crash Test Dummies. For some reason I feel like I should be singing along while sitting around a camp fire smoking something. I certainly appreciate dark neoclassical folk and the level of talent and songwriting with Noctooa, but probably not something I will go back to listen to very often. 3.0


Atleastimhousebroken – When I caught a glimpse of an owl as the album art on this one, I knew I just had to listen.  Owls are fucking awesome and any band that uses one as their moniker has to be some kind of awesome.  And, in the end, the music contained behind that bird of prey turned out to be pretty much what I expected.  I shall coin it Owl Metal.  Basically, Owl Metal is doom metal played with Grandpas guitars around a big bonfire.  Dark, mysterious, mystical, woodsy, and a hint of aggression.  The hypnotic baritone vocals and drumming give a very shamanistic feel to each song and the roll of the guitars just enhance the musical trances even further.

If you fancy bands like Hexvessel, Munly and the Lee Lewis Harlots, Agalloch, Musk Ox, Jim Strange and the Proud and the Damned, or nature themed/shamanistic music in general you should most definitely check this album out.  Well worth your time. 4.0


Irmelinis – These are songs that are carefully composed with a cozy, mysterious, dark atmosphere. Droning vocals and soft music that gives me a Native American feeling. It’s soothing and original, but the pace never changes and I have to be in a very special mood to enjoy this. 2.5


ChristopherMammal – It took a couple of minutes to get used to Sammy Fielding’s voice and style. At first it seemed to be strained. He is an unusual singer, but I quickly realised he’s also pretty damn amazing. His baritone reverberates and swells to fill the house (that’s when my Lynn asked me to turn it down Volume 11 or lower). His style is a perfect fit for Noctooa’s neo-classical music. Listen to some of the classical and traditional folk singers and they sound similar, although I doubt if many sound as good or if any sound better than Cave Waveman Fielding. Adaptation is totally Mammal music, combining neo-classical folk and darkwave in a feast for the ears. This isn’t metal as most moshers know it. It’s similar in ways, though, to doom, dark and atmospheric metal. On the band’s site they are likened to Swans, who play dark post-punk. That’s a lofty comparison because Swans are almost peerless at what they do. So are Noctooa. 4.5

A Metal State of Mind Score – 3.5 out of 5




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