Roundtable Review: Emanations by Serpentine Path

a0252471896_10Label: Relapse Records

Release Date: 27 May 2014

Songs: 7

Length: 45 minutes

Genre: Doom/Death Metal

Studio Albums: Serpentine Path (EP), 2012

Location: USA

WarpRider – It’s dark, heavy, and raw. Take your standard dose of death metal and add in some doom and you have Serpentine Path. It’s their raw and unpolished nature that I find appealing. Though I have to warm up to doomy elements, Serpentine Path makes it a bit easier to get into mainly because I like death metal so much. The vocals are growly and gritty, so what’s not to love about that? House of Worship is heavy as hell without having to be blazing speed. Overall, Emanations is a consistent barrage of death and doom…right for a rainy day. 3.0


Atleastimhousebroken – Ssssslllloooooooowwwwwwww and HEAVY, like a Galapagos tortoise.  Well, maybe one with a knife and an intent to kill.  Serpentine Path weren’t fucking around when they went out to create some truly crushing music.  definitely a record I’d pop in again when I feel the need to feel like I’m being crushed in a rusty car compactor.  Fortunately, what Emanations lacks in speed it makes up with enough interesting riffs and atmospheres to keep you awake throughout the crawl.  Worth checking out if you like evil, plodding, death doom.  3.0


Irmelinis – Creepy stuff. If this kind of tortured, ugly, slowly grinding music would have been more of a cold, black metal style instead of warm, fuzzy doom I would have liked it. It’s heavy as hell and threatens to crush my mind into little pieces after only two tracks. Very unpleasant and not my thing, but possibly very nice for those who like a good mind-crush. 2.0


ChristopherMammal – Serpentine Path have been billed as death/doom supergroup. They certainly sound like one. They’ve been succeeding like one as well – the limited vinyl edition of Emanations has already sold out. The band consists of all the members of the New York doom band Unearthly Trance plus the addition of Tim Bagshaw, founding guitarist and bassist of Electric Wizard and Ramasses. That should give you an idea of how deep and heavy their music is. I’ve actually found it more melodious than the esteemed EW… but as heavy as iridium, nonetheless. Iridium is the metal with the highest specific gravity. This album is a tour de force of thundering, fuzzy guitar riffs often following the same notes as the bass (and obviously in a higher octave), with solemn, almost funereal drumming and excellent dark vocals. 4.0


A Metal State of Mind Score – 3 out of 5





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  1. I’d say no instant excitement, but surely music for certain moods. Also the music gets a lot more entertaining with the picture of a huge tortoise in mind crawling slowly towards me with a murderous look in his eyes, mumbling: “Run, before I get you.” 😀

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