Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 1993 / #2 and #1

And so we come to the end of my 1993 selection. Next week will be 1994. I’m surprised by my Number One of 1993. It’s not metal, it’s Gothic rock, and it’s not by a band I listen too very often.

1993, #2: Sepultura – Territory

Album: Chaos A.D.
Country: Brazil
Genre: Thrash/Groove Metal


1993, #1: Sisters of Mercy – Under the Gun

Album: A Slight Case of Overbombing
Country: UK
Genre: Gothic Rock



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  1. Good to see TSOM making an appearance on your – as ever, eclectic – playlist: but ‘gothic rock’? Eldritch would surely disagree 😉 Arch, camp, contrary and quintessentially English, they rarely missed the mark; and both Floodland and much of their early 12″ output are damn near genius. In point of fact, they’re the band that set me on the road to being a rock fan. If you pressed me for a favourite, it’s be a toss-up between Flood II and Floorshow. Under The Gun’s a bit of a wildcard choice – can’t remember the last time I heard it but it’s great. Overbombing’s gonna be on the stereo at work tomorrow, methinks…

  2. ChristopherMammal

    Quote from Dark Metal Cat, recently appointed musical supervisor of Mammal: “The preferences of Mammal do not necessarily reflect those of humans.” My son introduced me to the Sisters when he was at university and used to hang out with people who wore black nail varnish, black lipstick, black everything, and unintentionally scared old ladies at supermarkets by looking like The Walking Dead. “Under The Gun” knocked me sideways then, and still does.

    While they played many styles. they are credited with being one of the most influential Gothic rock bands, not to be confused with Gothic metal by the likes of Evanescence.

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