Full album stream: Eira – Lacrimosa

If you’re looking for a current band to go with your beloved older Opeth albums, Eira is a great choice. I’m new to the band. Already, however, they’ve blown all my socks off. I’ll have to get new ones.

Two musicians from Buffalo, New York – Tom Gerwitz on guitars and vocals and Derek Schultz on bass – are the core of Eira. They’ve used additional musicians for their recordings. After being totally sucked in by Lacrimosa I must get my grubby little paws on their first album, A Death Painted Portrait. Both are available at Bandcamp.

The death part of their music combines beautifully smooth, emotional instrumentation and sensitive dark vocals. The progressive part overflows with the passion of orchestral dark metal. The richness and variety throughout the album are exceptional.

This one is definitely on my list of albums of the year.


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  1. Beautiful stuff, nice find.

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