Mammal’s Merry Memories: Falkenbach – Baldurs Tod (1998)

I don’t remember this song from 1998, the year it was released. We didn’t get this type of album in South Africa back then, partly because of low local demand and partly because the lyrics weren’t all in English. I was introduced to Falkenbach, this album – “Magni Blindinn Ok Megintiri” – and “Baldur’s Tod” in about 2004 by a fellow fanatical player of the “Baldur’s Gate” series of computer games. I’d written in our main gaming forum that I loved the theme music in the game. A guy from Greece, who turned out to be a folk metal devotee, said I should try real music about the legendary Baldur and he sent me this track as an MP3.

This track doesn’t have lyrics. That’s why he said it would have been a great theme for the game. Anyway, since then I’ve loved folk metal. Falkenbach have been doing it beautifully since 1996. Their 2013 “Asa” was one of my albums of the year.




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  1. I’ve heard many Balder’s Gate game songs over the years. Hah! =]

  2. Falkenbach rules!

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