Roundtable Review: Thine – The Dead City Blueprint

THINE_DCB_album_artworkLabel: Peaceville Records

Release Date: 13 May, 2014

Songs: 10

Length: 57 minutes

Genre: Dark progressive rock (also listed as melodic metal)

Studio Albums: A Town Like This (1998), In Therapy (2002)

Location: UK


WarpRider – Thine is dark and melodic; could probably be compared to a band like Katatonia which I am very fond of. Needless to say, I find their bleak songwriting style and moody melodies a source of enjoyment for my sensibilities. At nearly an hour of music, it might be a little too much; like an overdose of something good, but in the end The Dead City Blueprint is a strong contender, but an album that is best enjoyed while in certain moods. 3.0

Atleastimhousebroken – Thine’s brooding melancholic prog rock is well performed, however, through its hour long run time, nothing grasped me in the slightest with the exception of the title track. The songs just seem to meander along lazily, no punch whatsoever. 1.5

Irmelinis – The slower, darker songs on this album are really beautiful, they all have a touch of Opeth, The Beatles and Porcupine Tree, which is always welcome. The tracks with more speed are way too thin sounding for my taste, and in my opinion they disturb the melancholic mood of an otherwise quite cohesive and enjoyable album. 2.0

ChristopherMammal – Thine is a curious beast. The band started as Blood Of Thine in 1993 as a black metal band. They made a few demo tapes and a demo CD to sell their skills in that genre. Then they switched to progressive rock. That’s quite a jump, almost as much as Therion made about the same time when they switched from all-male hard death to multi-vocal operatic symphonic metal. Thine have retained enough of their heaviness to confuse the label writers, who argue whether the band plays dark prog or melodic metal. I’ll offer a new genre which Thine have made their own – blackened progressive folk rock. None of that matters once they start playing. I love it because it’s fascinating and very good music. 4.0

A Metal State of Mind Score – 2.6 out of 5



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