Roundtable Retro Review: Riverside – Out Of Myself (2003)

Riverside_coverLabel: The Laser’s Edge

Release Date: 2003

Songs: 9

Length: 54 minutes

Genre: Progressive Metal

Studio Albums: Five full-length albums, two EPs

Location: Poland



WarpRider – Listening to Riverside is a first for me.  I can certainly appreciate their talent. As I listen for the first time I hear some Dream Theater nuances embedded here and there. I appreciate their ability to carry an extended part of the song without vocals. I think that is one aspect of progressive music I enjoy the most even if the vocalist is most excellent at what they do. After a first listen, I will be hitting up this one again.

Atleastimhousebroken – I never really listened to much Riverside outside of a few random tracks on the Youtube, so this was my first full album experience with them. Gotta say, I’m rather pleased. Hints of Pain of Salvation, Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree/Steven Wilson, even some Tool all come to mind, but this has its own unique sound. I really appreciate how they are able to deliver very fluid songs with a lot of twists and turns. This is a very diverse prog album, with the only gripe I would have being I wish there was a bit more pep here and there. Next time I’m in the mood for some good ol’ prog, I will be digging into Riverside a bit.

Irmelinis –Riverside’s music is captivating and emotional, with a beautiful atmosphere and well written, very interesting introspective themed lyrics. For being their first ever studio album, this is exceptionally good and after ten years it still sounds fresh. They manage to keep the troubled and frustrated mood through all the songs, giving room to many different sounds and instruments. Sometimes mighty, sometimes subtle and delicate, it might not be love at first listen, but I’m sure it will have some kind of emotional impact on most listeners, especially fans of bands like Anathema and Porcupine Tree. I know that this is a band I need to spend a lot more time and money on, I actually don’t own any of their releases yet. This one will be my first.

ChristopherMammal – The year 2003 ushered in some big changes in approach by established prog metal and heavy prog bands and brought some new bands to light. Porcupine Tree’s final space metal album, The Sky Moves Sideways – and especially the song “Stars Die” – hinted at their switch to heavy melancholic prog which was soon to come. Opeth released their softer, more proggy Damnation. In Poland, 2003 marked the first album by Riverside, who have subsequently been trend-setters in melancholic prog metal in Eastern Europe. Of those three albums, Out Of Myself was and still is my first choice.

The super-talented Mariusz Duda writes and sings for Riverside and his solo project, Lunatic Soul. Duda’s influence on the musicians he works with is powerful. Recent Riverside releases have been similar to but even deeper and darker than their early work. They remain one of my all-time favourite bands, and Out Of Myself is one of my most-played albums.




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