Full Album Stream: Dystopia – Way To Unfold

If you are into cool grooves and dramatic themes, you may want to check out this Hungarian band called Dystopia.  They are torn from the hard rock sheet of music and possess strong, clean vocals and melodic harmony that makes them easy to absorb.  They employ some special guests on their new album and you might here a growl here and there from bassist Peter Bajusz, but mostly the music is clean.  The guitar solos are exceptionally melodic and enjoyable.  Way To Unfold was released independently on 3 April 2014 and is their second full-length album, their first in seven years.

As the album starts off with some of their heavier work on Acid Smile and Devil’s Playground, the rest of the songs move from chunky riffing and fist-in-the-air cadences to softer, more melodic songs and back again.   From beginning to end, Way to Unfold, is an enjoyable album and bit of departure, though a nice one, from the aggression of thrash and death metal I listen to on a regular basis.  The album is available from bandcamp; just name your price.  Check out the stream below.

For fans of:  Shinedown, Alter Bridge, Firewind, Sevendust


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