Roundtable Review: Voyager – V

Voyager-coverLabel: IAV Records

Release Date: 2 June, 2014

Songs: 13

Length: 55 minutes

Genre: Progressive Metal

Studio Albums: Four previous albums

Location: Australia



WarpRider – This is excellent progressive music and my first experience with the band. On occasion it feels little poppy, but mostly this is a quality album full of unique time signatures, chunks of heaviness, and elements of power metal. The lead vocalist reminds me a little bit of Simon Le Bon, especially on the song “Embrace The Limitless”. I mean no insult there, in fact, I think Voyager would do a cool progressive cover of Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like The Wolf”.  Overall, V boasts a lot of depth, charm, melody and is very well polished in the production department.  More importantly, I can’t find a reason to skip any songs. 4.0

Atleastimhousebroken – Getting a catchy, accessible pop sound into metal is no easy feat. Most of the time you end up with a watered-down, cookie-cutter shadow of a band that could have potential but gave up on it to appeal to a larger crowd. In the case of Voyager, they pull off the pop metal thing quite well with songs that are instantly accessible to those that lie on the border of metal fandom and meaty enough for a discerning, seasoned metal fan, though the leanings are a tad toward the accessibility side. V is a highly enjoyable album that contains plenty of variety and is highly engaging. On the downside, unlike my favorite pop metal record which V brings to mind many times throughout a playthrough (that record being Addicted by Devin Townsend), this really isn’t the metal you would play to piss off your neighbors. While well written and performed, I think some sharper teeth would really do wonders for the album. Anyhoo, highly enjoyable for what it is. 4.0

Irmelinis – Simply titled V, this is Voyager’s fifth album and it’s the result of a successful crowd funding campaign (reaching its goal after only three days!). The first half of this record is absolutely wonderful, with ass-kicking, smooth songs like “Hyperventilating” and “Breaking Down” that will get stuck in your head for a long time. You get all the goodness of the typical Voyager sound; the elegant keyboards, heavy riffing and emotional, majestic vocals presenting one irresistible hook after another. It’s mainly catchy and fun, but also technical and after a couple of listens the more atmospheric details start to appear. Personally, I’m a huge fan of guitarist Scott Kay, both his performance in Voyager’s music, his ambient solo work and other projects (like Absent Hearts). The second half of V is slightly weaker when it comes to songwriting and melodies, fortunately it still keeps a sweet, uplifting and rhythmic feeling and never goes into boring territory. Give it a listen and have fun! 3.75

ChristopherMammal – In recent years Australia seems to have been pumping out a stream of good bands that play a highly musical combination of prog rock, prog metal, djent and alternative rock. Voyager is one of those bands. I’ve enjoyed their previous albums and I thoroughly like V. The music ranges from fairly light, almost radio rock, to some pretty intense metal. The album is full of bright, catchy songs and makes for easy, pleasant listening, complete with sweet surprises in percussion and spots for female vocals. 4.2

A Metal State of Mind Score – 4.0 out of 5


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  1. I’m surely not a fan of a clean sound with a Pop tendency, but this is very substantial songwriting, well executed and I like it way more than I would have thought in the beginning.

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