New videos for metal lunatics

HeadacheThere are two common factors in this selection of new videos. One, they are all hard ‘n’ heavy. Two, they are all the sort of music that makes non-metal people splutter: “You must be crazy to listen to that stuff.”

So, tighten your strait jackets, tell all your hippie friends to leave the room, and crank the volume up to 11 to satisfy your insanity.

Here, chew on this packet of ball-bearings while you listen.


Ferium – Change of Winds

This song is from Reflections, the debut groove/death album released last year by this band of butt-kicking Israelis. It’s ideal metal for moshpit mayhem. As the video shows, some guys in the audience found the music to be literally uplifting.

Helgardh – The Aberration Scars

What we have here is a band that could quickly convert the hesitant into black metal fans. This is the first video from the band’s forthcoming album, Mallevs Maleficarvm, due for release later this year. Helgardh are about to start a North American tour.

The Great Sabatini – Munera

It’s sludge. It could equally be post sludge. Either way, it kicks you in the gut and doesn’t stop until the last speaker-destroying chord. The song is from the Dog Years album. The band, from Canada, is currently on tour in North America to promote the album.

Havoc – Chasing the Edge

Another video to promote a North American tour. Havoc, from the USA, have just started theirs to promote their album Unnatural Selection. The album is about space exploration and it is… well… out of this world. For thrashers, this song satisfies the callings of your riffmania. And that solo… all I need to say is: “THAT solo.”

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  1. I had heard of the Great Sabatini before. I liked that tune.

  2. ChristopherMammal

    It really kicks ass, doesn’t it!

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