New videos for the open-minded

MetalheadWe’ve received a pleasing mix of new music videos in the last couple of weeks. I’ll post them in batches. They feature cool music in a variety of genres and many creative visual approaches.

Here are four for today, with more to come this week.


Aborym – Bleedthrough

The second video released to promote the band’s new electro-industrial metal album, Dirty. From the promo information, the song is “a perfect example of the band’s unique style: blistering riffage, unmistakably weird industrial wall, power screams and consolidated sonic madness combined in the form of an eye-popping video clip.” ADULT WARNING: The singer becomes a dickhead.


The Final Chapter – Sins

This new band plays brutal melodic metal. According to their promo information, they embrace modern metal with massive hooks, melodies, crushing riffs and ear-catching vocals.


Nader Sadek = Re: Mechanic

For extreme/avant metal fans, here’s one of two videos released to punt Nader Sadek’s debut album, In The Flesh. The video was filmed in underground locations in New York City as well as at the ancient Crystal Altar in Egypt.


Sky Valley Mistress – Dirty Blonde Blues

For a complete change of style and pace, Sky Valley Mistress is a bluesy, female-fronted rock band complete with fuzzy guitar and a solid classic rock sound. This will be the title song on their forthcoming EP, due next month.





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  1. I really like that Nader Sadek song and video, it’s so wonderfully creepy I almost can’t watch it. Which makes it even more intriguing. I hope they make videos for all the songs on their album 😉

  2. That Nader Sadek video is outstanding! Uncomfortable yet beautiful.

  3. ChristopherMammal

    I was struck dumb by that video, and you know how much I yap. There are plenty of earlier Nader Sadek videos on YouTube, including a 40-minute live performance:

  4. Aborym’s sound isn’t mine, but besides that a collection of good songs. Also I would like The Final Chapter more, if they would skip the clean singing. And I agree on the Nader Sadek video, really creative!

    Concerning heaviness it’s probably not a good fit, but this Greek three-piece struck me lately with their new record “Marginalia” ( No song sounds like the one before – ranging from 60s/70s Psychedelic/Prog-whatever to bands like Rico or The Notwist:

  5. ChristopherMammal

    I like space and psychedelic rock, so Baby Guru appeals to me. You’re right, though, it may not go down 100% with metalheads.

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