Roundtable Review: Red Mourning – Where Stone And Water Meet

CoverLabel: Bad Reputation

Release Date:  May 15, 2014

Songs:  13

Genre:  Blues-core/groove/stoner

Studio Albums:  Time to go 2008, Pregnant With Promises 2011

Location:  Paris, France

For Fans of: Pantera, Down, Lamb Of God, Alice In Chains


WarpRider – Blues-core; interesting genre description. Better yet, interesting songs and they certainly do have a bluesy flair to them.  I would probably also classify them as a bit sludgy along the lines of Down.  I like what this band has to offer.  This album is going to get some play time for sure.  I am often impressed with the musicianship that comes out of France.  4.0

Photo band 01Irmelinis – Energetic songs with fun melodic riffs that are constantly changing form, together with Phil Anselmo’s doppelganger holding the mic. The songs are short but hold quite a lot of diversity and power. It’s overall a really good, easy listen, this band knows how to successfully mix different styles of music into their own sound.  3.0

ChristopherMammal – Alice In Chains meets the young punk cowboys of Red Dirt metal. The setting for the showdown is the dusty, sun-baked mesas and aroyos of Paris. It doesn’t become a blood-drenched shoot-out. Instead, Red Mourning hauls everyone into the saloon and tells them, “We are going to invent hardcore Southern blues rock with some West Coast vocal break-aways.” If that doesn’t sound like a strange party… well, it is, and it made me very happy to experience it at a distance after the event. This is an album of pure fun concocted from multiple genres. It’s highly enjoyable. 3.5


A Metal State of Mind Score – 3,5 out of 5 (based on three ratings) 

Our ratings are done on a scale of 1-5 with a 1 being an abysmal album, a 2.5 being a halfway point (an O.K. album), and a 5 being outstanding.



About Irmelinis

A friend told me that I was delusional. I almost fell off my unicorn.

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  1. Sounds nice. Not outstanding but quite good.

    PS: Is there a chance that you all like to write just the things a band is good at when you do a Roundtable Review? There are always your comments, but it’s only your grades that actually are saying what you think about it. If I would just follow your comments Red Mourning’s “Where Stone And Water Meet” is an outstanding record, because no one of you says anything slightly negative about it…. 😉

    • We do receive numerous review requests and after having bashed a few albums myself, I felt I was wasting my time listening to something I didn’t like and writing about something I didn’t like. So, we do often focus on things we like at least a little. Unlike some other sites, even if an album is “good” we try to highlight the positives about it. On our RT reviews, the person coordinating the reviews has control over what gets reviewed that week while the rest of us are subjected to the coordinator’s choices. Sometimes it works out we all like it, but many times it doesn’t. Lately, we’ve been on a good streak of finding decent music. If you look back at several of our RT reviews, you will see that some of our ratings were not so nice. In the end, we average out the score. So far, no band has received a flat out 5 or a 1, though some have been close.

  2. ChristopherMammal

    If we all thought this album was perfect it would have received an average rating of 5.0, not 3.5.

    But yes, we do tend to select albums we might enjoy. Some of our RT reviews are scathing because the music is so bad it shouldn’t have been released. By and large, however, we like to be able to recommend music our followers might enjoy rather than subject them to bad music. In addition, we’d rather give a nod to a good band than merely rip a bad one apart.

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