Stream of the Week: Oneironaught – Enlist Today!

If you told me you were in a metal band and from Brooklyn, New York, I would instantly stereotype you thinking you were all about Hardcore.  Oneironaught defies that stereotype (one that’s probably just mine anyway) and boasts a wide range of progressive ecstasy.  In addition to positively progressive prowess, this 4-piece embeds a healthy dose of standard raw metal and a touch of psychedelic flair.  One interesting fact is they are mostly instrumental and definitely worth checking out.  Personally, they had me at instrumental!

Enlist Today! was released in 2013 and is available now by following the path to Bandcamp below.  Check it out and enjoy our Stream of the Week. You can follow the band on their facebook page.  Enjoy!


About Reggie

Just a dude writing a heavy metal blog and always on the prowl for a cool metal show. I am also a family man...first and foremost!

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  1. ChristopherMammal

    I’ve spent most of my life trying to be an oneironaut. Maybe if I play this album as I go to sleep I’ll be able to direct my dreams. In the first dream I would go to the USA to listen to Oneironaught. This is very Mammal music.

  2. I like that they seem to try to avoid standard songwriting formulas. Definitely an interesting band!

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