Roundtable Review: Wings Denied – Mirrors For A Prince

downloadLabel:  Unsigned

Release Date:  13 May 14

Songs:   10

Length:  55 Minutes

Genre:  Progressive Metal

Studio Albums:   This is their debut studio album

Location:  Washington D.C., USA

WarpRider – I have been looking forward to some new music ever since I caught their three-track EP, Awake.  They seemed quite promising, needless to say I was quite happy to see the promo copy arrive in our inbox.  First, I have to say the level of musicianship has grown considerably since their EP.  I had to go back to listen to hear for myself because the new music wasn’t very representative of what I remembered.  On the EP they were a little funky, a lot progressive, and showed huge promise, but the new album Mirrors For A Prince is profound on so many levels.  If their EP was a well-suited Toyota Camry, the new album is a fully loaded Hummer.  It’s a beast!  It’s one of those albums you put in and can’t decide which song to go to because they all offer a different slice of creativity and stellar musicianship.  So, you just end up listening to the whole thing. 4.5

Irmelinis – This is an exciting release. After all the times I’ve played their debut EP ‘Awake’ I knew this would be something special! First off, the guys in Wings Denied have something many, both older and newer bands lack: exceptionally good songwriting skills. They know the importance of having varied and interesting songs with a good, organic flow and are not afraid to blend violent thrash-riffs and Meshuggah-chugs with soaring vocals, fantastic guitar solos and beautiful slower moments. The proggy drums are also immensely entertaining if you take the time to listen to what’s going on behind all the relentless, fun guitar melodies. Another treasure in their hands is the vocalist. My god that man can sing!  Listen to the song ‘Néant’ (also featuring Joe Lester of Intronaut), for example, it has some of the most chill-inducing vocals I’ve ever heard, especially towards the end. It’s the best track on the album and I would love to hear more of that kind of powerful, dynamic sound on future releases. ‘Clockwork’ is another highlight, along with the eleven minute ending piece ‘Six Years And A Day’. I could go on about the rest of the songs, but why don’t you go for a listen instead? I promise, it’s highly enjoyable! 4.0

ChristopherMammal – Hearing new bands like Wings Denied makes me think modern progressive metal should change its name. The “progressive” doesn’t come from “experimental”, it derives from prog metal’s evolution from classic progressive rock into metal. The modern styles of prog metal have moved so far beyond progressive rock that they sound nothing like the pioneering prog metal of Dream Theater or Queensrÿche. There, with that off my chest, let me state as vigorously that there aren’t many bands of the quality of Wings Denied. This debut album shoots them up to the stratospheric altitude of bands like Textures and TesseracT. The band says of its music: “Wings Denied are prog metal for the girlfriends of prog metal fans. As a band, we strive to balance the de-tuned riffs of djent, the atmosphere of post-rock, and the time-signature modulation of progressive rock and metal, while still writing catchy stuff!” You’ve achieved all of that, guys. I say that as the owner of cats who love djent-flavoured treats. Cats know. 4.5

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A Metal State of Mind Score – 4.3 out of 5 

Gotta love streaming music…


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  1. This took me a bit as surprise. I’m kind of picky when it comes to Modern-styled Metal, but Wings Denied do everything right and have a good feeling for substantial songwriting. Sounds fresh, good flowing, varied and even the calmer parts are never cheesy. I listened to the whole record. Nice recommendation!

    @ChristopherMammal: My last cat (RIP) would even listen to Slipknot and Converge when it was lying two meters before my stereo – also it was deaf on one ear (already before I got it from the animal shelter) 😉

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