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  1. I would call this Pop music, because it actually is. I don’t know for what reasons they even pose with instruments when it sounds so programmed… And to use “Hardcore” in a promo sheet for this music is absurd. But since the tag Metalcore as become more of a curse word, the promotion guys have to think of a more attractive one, I get it…

  2. ChristopherMammal

    SirMullich, Laguna Sunrise don’t call themselves a hardcore or metalcore band. They’ve positioned themselves as post metalcore. This must inevitably soften their music, just as post rock softens hard rock. If you accept that all the main core forms are true metal (which I do), then Laguna Sunrise fits into the broader class of post metal. To me it also fits in with punk post rock. It probably sounds like that to the people who insist metalcore and other cores styles are punk, not metal.

    Shall we compromise and call Laguna Sunrise a litecore or popcore band? You may have invented a new genre!

  3. If it isn’t for bands that were called Metalcore deriving from metallalic hardcore like Earth Crisis or Hatebreed or bands who actually had a hard core (sorry for the wordplay) like Cave-In, early Boysetfire or Orchid – not the Black Sabbath fans – but this:

    then I never saw a connection to Punk & Hardcore. I think bands like Killswitch Engage or Bullet For My Valentine etc. had always a much stronger connection to classic Metal bands.
    What I don’t like as someone who also reads some promosheets and writing for two little mags is that lately they try to sell Pop as Metal, which it isn’t and Metalcore as Post Hardcore since “Metalcore” isn’t a fad anymore. I don’t want a genre I love be thrown in a pool of shit (to put it a bit rude)

    Anyway, Popcore would be a noce name for this;-) But I will go on listen to bands that are more like those:-)

  4. ChristopherMammal

    SirMullich, I’m grateful for the insights you’ve given me and for introducing me to two bands I didn’t know, Modern Life Is War and La Dispute. I have no doubt you’re the expert on what we’re discussing in this thread. I’m a generalist. You’re the specialist. I’m the Metal State musical hybrid who’s been sharing his love across rock, metal, prog, jazz and classical music over the last half-century or so. I’m a sponge.

    Metal State has a section called Rants. Would you like to write a guest post, a guest rant, about the way the marketing of core music is manipulated by the industry? Your grand payment would be… a credit and a link to your site or blog. We’re all musical hobbyists here. Our payment is the pleasure that music gives us.

    If you’d like to do that, please send an email to marked for my attention. Or you can mail me directly at . We can discuss your guest post in more detail.

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