Jazzed-up Tuesday: Symetry – Roots Project

Do you know how well metal and jazz go together? If not, let Symetry’s music do the talking. They’re a French jazz metal band and they’ve released one album. This is the title song.

Just by the way, if you’re into djent, you’re halfway into modern jazz already.



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  1. Excellent 🙂 Enjoyed that immensely! The mellow intro, before things got a bit crunchy, brought to mind this decidedly different take on ‘modern jazz’:

    No metal here I know; but you strike me as a man of catholic musical interests…

  2. ChristopherMammal

    Goldie’s electro-jazz is very cool. Thanks for the link, Guls.

  3. You’re welcome. What I love about that track is that it really is ‘Dragonfly’ the flute line just conjures one up in my mind. Another Nu-Jazz/Drum’n’Bass act I really like is 4Hero – their stuff has a bit of a New Age/Sci-Fi twist, without being cheesy.

    Back on the subject of Jazz Metal, are you a fan of Cynic? I bought their last album on the strength of hearing a song on Marc Riley’s Freak Zone on 6Music, but I’m a little underwhelmed to be honest. It’s interesting but a bit restrained in the Metal department – I was expecting a harder edge and more growling for some reason.

  4. ChristopherMammal

    Yes, I do like Cynic and related bands such as Gordian Knot and Aghora. Bands like them in the broad area of progressive metal often lack the hard edge and bite of the growly styles of metal. Try some melodic death metal or black metal for harder metal that is still proggy. For real hardness, choose deathcore or the old-school death and black metal.

    This is the type of melodic death I like:

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