Mammal’s Merry Memories: Carry On Wayward Son – classic prog and deathcore versions

It always interests me to hear my old classic rock and prog songs redone in modern metal style. Sometimes the cover works, sometimes it’s an abomination.

“Carry On Wayward Son” was the biggest hit for Kansas and it’s probably their best-known song. Kansas started as a symphonic progressive rock band in the USA. “Carry On” is from their 1976 album, Leftoverture. It embodies the lavish and melodic sound for which Kansas was loved by proggers. The band is still active.

It’s hardly the sort of song one might expect a deathcore band to cover. That didn’t stop anther American band, Within The Ruins, giving it a go. I must say that to my delicate ears, it’s still not a song best-suited to hard metal. There’s nothing wrong with the way Within The Ruins plays it, but the song itself is too soft and sweet for the melody lines to work in deathcore. Hey, that’s just my opinion. It hasn’t stopped me loving WTR.

I shan’t assail your senses with the send-up version of the song by GWAR, the deliberate clowns of metal. Their version is horrible.




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  1. I think there are only two reasons to do a cover. 1 You make it your own or 2 you want to give some unknown bands that influenced you some attention, because they never got it back then. So within ruins makes this classic their own… but it sounds really awful 🙂

  2. ChristopherMammal

    Ha ha! Point well made. I suppose WTR might have made the song acceptable to die-hard metalheads who don’t want anything to with granddad hippie music.

    I can think of no more than a handful of covers that sound better than the originals. One of them is Northern Kings fixing a Kylie Minogue song. Northern Kings are generally too gimmicky for me, but they earned points for their version of “I should be a plucky puppy”.

  3. This is a funny cover. I always thought of “I should be so lucky” as good example for the “classic” stupid pop:-) But I actually like quite a bit of 80s Pop. For me it’s the last decade where Pop had a certain qualitiy and since I’m born in 1988 I can easily like all sides of the 80s; the Rock, Metal and the Pop ones, without being called a wimp back then;-) Also bands like Toto and Foreigner were always linked to Pop.

  4. PS: Still the one best covers I know – or the best – is Sepulturas version of “Bullet the blue sky”

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