Stream of the Week – Promethee

Promethee is a progressive/hardcore outfit from Geneva, Switzerland.  Dark Souls is a two-track EP which is the focus of this Stream of the Week, and it follows their 2012 debut Nothing Happens, Nobody Comes, Nobody Goes.  The band describes their two new songs as a refinement of their musical style.  You can follow the happenings of Promethee from their facebook page or their main website.  They are currently unsigned.  Maybe these two songs will hook a label and help them with another full-length album.  Hear it for yourself below.  What do you think?

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  1. If Burton Bell or Max Cavalera in growly, brutal mode fronted BTBAM it might sound something like this. I like the mix of kinda old-school hardcore/thrash vocals and hard, rhythmic complexity. Not sure if I could listen to a whole album of it, though – I’d need more of the kind of mellow, spacious and melodic interludes that this track occasionally hints at, and which Meshuggah, BTBAM and Opeth – for example – utilize to break up and accentuate the unrelenting brutality.

    Good pick, though – maybe it’s a gap in my musical knowledge but the Swiss seem to be an underrepresented race in rock/pop. Celtic Frost and Yello aside, I struggle to think of any bands from that country.

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