Marty Friedman picks himself

Elsewhere on the Internet I’m playing a fantasy band game with a bunch of metal people. We take turns to pick a line-up of musicians, one at a time, to make up our perfect fantasy band.

Yesterday Marty Friedman hit me with his axe and said: “Ahem! Guitarist.” I’m sure those exact words came through my speakers.

Marty was guitar man for Megadeth in the final decade of last century. This century he’s done a string of gleaming solo albums. This song is from his new album, Inferno, due for release on 27 May. Maybe Marty won’t do guitars for my first fantasy band, which will have an all-female line-up, but I sincerely hope I get to pick him in the next round before anyone else does. He is such a complete all-round axeman that he could excel in just about any type of metal.



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  1. Cool! Didn’t know he had a new release imminent.

  2. ChristopherMammal

    mikeladano, going back a post or two, you said Yes was your top-notch ace #1 band. They were also my very favourite classic symphonic prog band during Jon Anderson’s time with them. Do you know the American band Starcastle? They wanted to play the same sort of music as Yes. They didn’t set out to be a Yes clone band, but they were listed as one. Their first three albums are cool — after that they went a bit schmaltzy (just as Yes did!).

  3. Holy crap that’s good! I totally did not expect that as most of what I know of MF comes from his Scenes album. I guess the term “inferno” should have clued me in. Yeah, this will be a day of release purchase.

  4. ChristopherMammal

    Warprider, i shall berate you severely if Marty Friedman doesn’t win a high ranking the next time you start compiling a list of top instrumentals. What I’ve heard of the album so far has the same instrumental metal effect as Alessandro Bertoni had on me last year in fusion jazz.

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