Stream of the Week – Gunpowder Gray

What happens when you take a couple of guys from an Atlanta-based death metal band called Disfigurement and let them form another band?  You get Gunpowder Gray and it sounds nothing like death metal. First of all, I commend them for coming up with something completely different from the brutality of their day jobs.  Gunpowder Gray is bluesy, riff driven music in the vein of Black Sabbath and Pentagram which I am sure will interest many of us old guys.  It’s an old-school vibe that’s fun and has great rhythm.  Their self-titled album is just purely cool classic hard rock.  Gunpowder Gray was recently released on 19 April 2014 via Boris Records.  It’s a short seven tracks, but very enjoyable.  Not everything glorious has to be long right?

About Reggie

Just a dude writing a heavy metal blog and always on the prowl for a cool metal show. I am also a family man...first and foremost!

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  1. ChristopherMammal

    Great music — it wouldn’t be out of place if I slipped it into a classic rock collection.

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