Roundtable Review: Nexilva – Eschatologies

nexilva-coverLabel: Ghost

Release Date:  April 7 2014

Songs:  14

Genre:  Progressive death metal

Studio Albums: The Trials Of Mankind 2010, Defile The Flesh Of Innocence EP 2011

Location:  Sunderland, UK

For fans of: Born Of Osiris, Fleshgod Apocalypse, The Faceless, Fallujah, Carnifex


WarpRider –I have to give the drummer a shout out to his bionic legs on that double-bass. This is what I refer to as “young man’s” metal; part of the continuous onslaught of metal/death core. I am definitely being screamed at, not screamed to. Why is it that I can enjoy some bands of this genre, but not others when (mostly) they are basically the same? I am not sure I can ever answer that myself. 2.5

Irmelinis – I’ve seen the young guys in Nexilva live a couple of times and they have surprised and impressed me greatly with their incredibly fast-paced, destructive music and extremely tight performance, so this is an album I’ve eagerly been waiting for. As I’ve said before: everything sounds good mixed with black metal, and it’s true here too. ‘Eschatologies’ is a very mature and fresh sounding record, giving a strong feeling of symphonic black metal complete with shrieking vocals and brutal drums, thoughtful, delicate melodies and thundering rage. The combination of progressive technicality and energetic brutality results in a classy album covered in pitch black grooves. Also, a big plus for fantastic album art. Don’t miss out on this! 4.5

ChristopherMammal – How musical can progressive death metal be? Opeth pointed the way. Nexilva might have followed those signposts. Ja, I know, death isn’t supposed to make us smile, but this album smears such a huge grin of pleasure across my dial that the hour hand gets stuck in my teeth and the minute hand pokes me in the nostril. Ja, we’re not supposed to say sissy things about death, but this music is really pretty. The compositions are fantastic. In addition to great use of the usual instruments, these guys do magic tricks with the other backing. They extract the finest vocals from their two singers. This is feel-good, lyrical, friggin’ marvelous stuff. 4.5

A Metal State of Mind Score – 3.8 out of 5 (based on three ratings)

Our ratings are done on a scale of 1-5 with a 1 being an abysmal album, a 2.5 being a halfway point (an O.K. album), and a 5 being outstanding.

Full Album Stream:

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