Roundtable Review: Slaveatgod – The Skyline Fission

cover artLabel:  No Regrets Records

Release Date:  31 Mar 2014

Songs:   8

Length:  33 Minutes

Genre:  Progressive/Djent

Studio Albums:   This is their second full-length album

Location:  Athens, Greece

WarpRider – This style of metal, the progressive/djenty types, are slowing finding their way into my music library.  Initially, I will put off by this style only to find bands like Empyrios opening the door a bit which, of course, opens my mind to other things.  The thing that appeals to my senses here is that Slaveatgod does rely a bit more on the progressive side and not solely on the choppy djent style that typically makes bands like this harder for me to listen to.  In other words, the progressive and melodic side softens it up a bit.  3.0 

Atleastimhousebroken – While better than your average cookie-cutter djent band not much in this album really changed my current stance on the budding (and overflowing) genre.  I appreciated the various tempos and riffing that included a tad (just a tad) more than typical palm-muting with mittens style.  The vocals were well performed as well.  And while there is a decent variety on the record, I thought there could be more as many songs kind of bleed together.  A fan of the genre would probably dig on this, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else. 2.5

Irmelinis – This is my kind of metal, a good effort from a band I’ve never heard of before. They try to do their own thing; it’s not a completely generic djent/metalcore band, even though the variation in song structure throughout the album could be improved. There are some goodies that stand out, like ‘Downcast Parade’ – a cool tune with great flow, the catchy melody in ‘Wreck Age’, the interesting guitar work in ‘Ceased The Days’ and the beautiful piano during the ending track. Not bad, not bad!  3.0

ChristopherMammal – If you like TesseracT, Scale the Summit, Structures and bands of that ilk, you’ll surely enjoy SlavEATgoD. This is prog djentcore (to abbreviate the description by the record company) of the highest calibre. It swept me off my dodgy old feet with the opening note and held me captive till the final chord. Everything – all the instruments, the outstanding vocals, the compositions, the faultlessly melodious performance, the recording quality – everything is in perfect harmony and balance. All of the songs float me high above the clouds. I just wish there were more of them on this album. 4.5

A Metal State of Mind Score – 3.3 out of 5 


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