Roundtable Review: The Golden Grass – The Golden Grass


Release Date:  N/A

Songs:   5

Length:  37 Minutes

Genre:  Psychedelic Boogie

Studio Albums:   N/A

Location:  N/A

WarpRider – This is definitely a trip back to a time…before I was born.  I can honestly say that it must be my maturing attitude that allows me to appreciate this style now because I surely didn’t when I was a kid.  Even in the seventies, it would have sounded “old” to me.  Now, I can enjoy these bluesy solos and still call myself a metal fan…with more eclectic taste.  This would be a cool band to see live.  Overall, the album is enjoyable and a nice throwback to the 60s-era bands.  3.5 

Atleastimhousebroken – First off I’ll state I usually fall head over heels for this style of bluesy, psychedelic retro rock.  And yes, I’m aware that these style of modern retro bands are a dime a dozen these days and I still eat ‘em up and enjoy every bite.  So, why should you dedicate some time to checking out The Golden Grass based on a recommendation from someone who is biased to a specific style?  Well, basically this is the best, most engaging, and all round interesting retro rock band I’ve heard since the lovely Satanists in The Devil’s Blood (RIP Selim Lemouchi) and Blood Ceremony.  And The Golden Grass are a different beast then the more metal-ish counterparts.  Think more CCR, Allman Bros., and Govt. Mule than Sabbath or Blue Cheer, but with some definite influence from the metal side of the Rainbow.

The music is intelligent and fun as well as varied and engaging.  And damn freaking catchy too.  I’ve been jamming to this on my way to work in the morning and paired with the shining sun and spring air, the feel-good smile on my face couldn’t be any bigger than when I am spinning this record.  Highly recommended. 5.0

Irmelinis – Good sounding retro-rock with modern production and lots of soul. It’s memorable, upbeat, spacey and light-hearted. 3.0

ChristopherMammal – Gadzooks, a time machine! It’s taken me back to 1969. What a pleasure. The Golden Grass have transported me to the psychedelic world where I wore purple-and-white striped bellbottoms, an orange polo neck, brown moccasins and a white hat with a floral motif. We listened to this sort of backbeat hippie rock all the time because we loved it. Four decades later, some of us still do. It’s real groovy, man. It even has the back-then mandatory drum solo. Peace, brother. Ban the Bomb! Flower Power! Ooh, this isn’t a cigarette, but it lets me grok everything. I’ll skip the next lecture and look for a protest to join. Hey, Grass guys! Make more records! 4.5

A Metal State of Mind Score – 4 out of 5 


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