Roundtable Review: Between the Madness by VanGough

a0236553750_2Label:  Nightmare Records

Release Date:  Out Now

Songs:   12

Genre:  Prog

Studio Albums:  This is their 5th release

Location:  Oklahoma, USA


WarpRider – To sum it up quickly, this a brilliant piece of progressive rock! They hit all the elements of the progressive world without focusing on just a few elements for added flair. From the slowest melody to the heaviest progressive elements, they blend it all seamlessly into quite a memorable album. Between The Madness is genuine creativity bursting at the seams. Another lengthy album at 80 minutes; you definitely get what you pay for. 4.5

Atleastimhousebroken – Have you ever had one of those moments where you really freaking love an album but just can’t find the words to describe how great it is?  This is one of those moments for me.  Between the Madness is simply prog metal at its absolute best and is one of those albums that resonates in the deeper parts of my anima.  Give it a listen, you’ll understand.  Simply outstanding and any self-respecting prog fan needs VanGough in their collection, period. 5.0

Irmelinis – This is how I wished my beloved Pain of Salvation had continued to sound like. But they went in another direction. So now I’m switching over to Vangough instead, because this is a really great album all the way through! It’s dark and uncomfortable many times, but also incredibly beautiful, with heartbreaking guitars and tear-inducing strings. Always intriguing as it keeps a steady pace and a fantastic flow. On my shopping list it goes! 4.75

ChristopherMammal – I might have said this about another band, but I’m going to say it again about Vangough: Watch out, Leprous and Haken, you have serious competition here! It’s that sort of prog metal and it’s that good. I don’t think I need add more beyond declaring that Vangough has completely won me over. 5.0

A Metal State of Mind Score – 4.8 out of 5

Band Links: Facebook Official Site BandCamp


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