Round-Table Review: Pray to the Devil in Man by Dread Sovereign

LP-Gatefold TemplateLabel: Van Records

Release Date:  Out Now

Genre:  Doom/Sludge

Studio Albums: This is their debut

Location:  Dublin, Ireland

Recommended for fans of: Primordial, Candlemass, Manilla Road, Sunn O)))



WarpRider – I love the sludgy heaviness of the songs combined with a touch of doomy flavor, but the sick vocal style doesn’t immediately grab me. It is quite impressive to compose an album over an hour long; you don’t see that very often. I give Dread Sovereign all my respect for that. I can imagine in a live setting they are heavy-as-hell. I am not going to let a little thing like vocal style impair my ability to rate this album. The style fits the temperament of the songs perfectly. That part of it is just what’s keeping me from listening to the album all the way through in one sitting. 3.5

Atleastimhousebroken- I love me some doom metal, yet, I am extremely picky with it.  I tend to favor the Sabbath style over the droning, sludgy doom.  Mainly because, unless there is beyond exceptional atmosphere to draw me in, I get bored way to easily.  Also, the vocals on funeral doom are more often then not, extremely sub-par.  Luckily, Dread Sovereign have both great atmosphere and great, clean-ish vocals (that took me a bit to accommodate myself with at first).  I love the fact that there is a sense of drama in the music instead pure atmosphere; keeps things interesting.  Also, there’s a song about my main god, Cthulu. 4.0

Irmelinis – This album leaves me a bit conflicted as I’m a big fan of Alan “Nemtheanga” Averill, but I do not care much for doom. His powerful voice does keep it interesting for the majority of the songs, the production is nice and warm and everything flows smoothly. The musicianship is of very high quality; you’ll find lots of tasty bass lines and eerie drums. It’s modern, bleak and slightly morbid. A very good album. 3.5

ChristopherMammal – This is some of the sludgier doom you’ll hear, with much of the sludge oozing from the bass guitar. Funereal in mood and sombre in tone, this is not light listening. It is quite captivating, in the same way that Sunn O))) drones its way into the centre of your brain. The musicianship and vocals are excellently executed. 3.5

A Metal State of Mind Score – 3.6 out of 5


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