Album Review: Def-Con-One – II

SC 235-2 DEF-CON-ONEThe opening riff in H8 Ball reminds me of a familiar Pantera riff.  The similarity kind of ends there as the song evolves, but that particular riff gives me an early Pantera feeling.  Besides, there are tons of worse bands to be compared to; Pantera is surely a complement.  Unlike many opening thrash songs that are fast and pulse pounding, this one is more calculated, slow, and bone crushing.  II is the name of Def-Con-One’s second studio album.  It’s a simple enough title broadly indicating the sophomore effort, but does it hold its own weight against their debut, one that was given the nod of approval two years ago here on A Metal State of Mind?  In short, yes.  Their debut was described as a militaristic style with its machine gun double bass and tight riffing.  II offers a similarly intense level of ferocity as Warface, but it’s packaged a bit differently.

It wasn’t until the third song that a more melodic presence manifested. The first two are utterly bone crushing, but Soul Possessed took the band in a different direction offering a mature dose of melody that I can imagine would be a pit-inducing, fist flying song.  From there, the album continues its barrage of Machine Head, Pantera, and Slayer styled viciousness bordering on hardcore with a touch of Pro-Pain for good measure.  It’s basically aggressive and uncompromising like their debut, but it’s obvious that this quartet worked hard at keeping the level of brutality without a repeating what they have already created.

Def-Con-One pride themselves on being a collaborative band free of egos.  All guilty parties add to the mix and share responsibility.  It sounds like a good formal for success to me and it paid off in the end because I thoroughly enjoy what I hear.  Needless to say, II is a very straightforward album.  You are not going to find any breakdowns or pretty parts; even the ballad is gritty as it should be.  The only real unfortunate thing about this album is that I simply cannot find a video to share; not even from the band’s own YouTube site.   I will use one of their more recent videos from a previous EP and if they ever release anything new I will update this article.  Enjoy.

Release Date:  17 Feb 2014

Record Label:  Scarlet Records

Nationality:  United Kingdom


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