Roundtable Review: Mass Infection – For I Am Genocide

Mass Infection coverLabel: Comatose Music

Release Date: 1 April, 2014

Songs: 9

Length: 36 minutes

Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Studio Albums: The Age of Recreation, 2009

Location: Greece



WarpRider – Mass Infection is angry, aggressive, and a musically balanced dose of brutal death metal. Overall, the album is a pretty cool piece of work. The vocals aren’t too deep and the blast beats are purposeful. I don’t hear a lot of variance between the songs as far as rhythm and tempo goes, but at the end of the day it’s a nice selection of brutal songs for when the desire arises. 3.0

Atleastimhousebroken – This is the kind of music I like to listen to while I break things. It does what it does very well and is pretty brutal. It does get a bit too repetitive on the back end of things and there are no real “stand out” tracks, but otherwise solid death metal of the old school variety. Next time you need to break shit you could do worse with another soundtrack. 2.5

Irmelinis – Brutal tech-death of good quality, delivered just as expected. It’s easy to get hooked by the frantic flow of powerful, sharp riffs and occasional grooves in Mass Infection’s music. The ever-changing guitars keep it interesting, the drums make me want to go into hysterical headbang-mode and the singer’s brutal growls complement the music in the best way possible. Stand-out songs: the instrumental “Nihilism Reigns” and “The Genocide Revealed”. 3.0

ChristopherMammal – Blam! They thrust you back into your chair with their opening salvo. Thud! The deep, dark vocals pin you there. Mm, this feels nice. They massage your chest with those mid-fret guitars. Savagery soaks from them into you. Every instrument gets its turn to show you how mean it is. I must be a masochist because this is a really cool album. My pulse rate is now 378. 4.0

A Metal State of Mind Score – 3.1 out of 5



About ChristopherMammal

I've made it to Mammal. I still hope to be classified as Human one day. Meanwhile I have evolved enough to recognise different types of music as well as the shrieks of certain vervet monkeys who are known for their scurrilous behaviour in the proximity of unguarded bananas.

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