Roundtable Review: Lenore S Fingers – Inner Tales

Lenore S Fingers coverLabel: My Kingdom Music

Release Date: 24 February, 2014

Songs: 9

Length: 35 minutes

Genre: Decadent Melancholic Art

Studio Albums: This is their debut album

Location: Italy



WarpRider – It’s moody and I think that’s what I enjoy about the music. In addition to the musical style, her vocals are a perfect fit; makes for captivating songs and gives them a haunting appeal. Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be too heavy to be good though I do like the fact that there are some cool guitar solos and heavier rhythms from time to time. This was hard for me to turn off. 4.0

Atleastimhousebroken – As you may know, I can’t stand Faux Opera Gothic Metal. However this release I actually found to be quite enjoyable. The dramatic vocals worked well with the music and the music itself broke away from the painstakingly pedestrian nature of modern Gothic metal. There was variety, various moods that went beyond brooding and menstruating, tempo changes, interesting instrumentations, emotion, and a vocalist that wasn’t trying to be a pretty opera singer. If I can actually get behind a Gothic Metal band you know it has to be some kind of good. Fans of this style should love this record. 4.0

Irmelinis – I would have liked this album better if it had more songs with power and energy, like the piano-filled “Doom” and the mighty “The Calling Tree”. Most of the tracks just drag on until the end where they suddenly speed up and start sounding good. I have to say, Frederica Lenore’s voice is pretty amazing and addictive, reminding me of the ethereal, gentle vocals of my favourite female singer, Liv Kristine (Leaves’ Eyes, ex-Theatre of Tragedy). It’s a fine debut that takes a little time to grow, full of eerie, melancholic music suited for fans of Anathema and Katatonia. 2.5

ChristopherMammal – This is one of the most sparkling debuts I’ve heard. At only 35 minutes the album is more of an EP, but it is so packed full of excellence that I can’t fault it beyond saying there should be more of it. Technically it’s probably Gothic metal. It goes so far beyond one genre, however, that it becomes a delightful romp through symphonic, operatic, neoclassical and prog metal as well as prog and art rock. Federica Lenore Catalano’s gentle contralto strings it all together warmly. 4.5

A Metal State of Mind Score – 3.8 out of 5


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I've made it to Mammal. I still hope to be classified as Human one day. Meanwhile I have evolved enough to recognise different types of music as well as the shrieks of certain vervet monkeys who are known for their scurrilous behaviour in the proximity of unguarded bananas.

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